You’re the love of my life: a mix for sleepless nights, revelations, and confessions and promises in Tokyo. Starts of slow, but eventually dissolves into shamelessly cheesy songs | listen  

i. Hazy (ft. William Fitzsimmons) Rosi Golan ii. Dissolve Me Alt-J iii. You Already Know Bombay Bicycle Club iv. To Binge (ft. Little Dragon) Gorillaz v. Budapest George Erza vi. Thunder Clatter Wild Cub vii. Home Phillip Phillips viiI. Stuck on You Meiko ix. I Wanna Go Yuna x. By My Side David Choi xi. I’m Yours Jason Mraz xii. I Love You Will Still Sound the Same Oh Honey xiii. The One You Say Goodnight To Kina Grannis xiv. Rather Be Clean Bandit xv. Silhouettes Colony House

the world is divided (a Deathless fanmix)

(LISTEN1. Enchanted by Katy Rose / 2. Every Single Night by Fiona Apple / 3. Bad Man by Vermillion LIes / 4. My Manic and I by Laura Marling / 5. Rootless by Marina and the Diamonds / 6. Take You With Me by Maria Mena / 7. Gravity by Vienna Teng / 8. Ballad of The Soldier’s Wife by PJ Harvey  / 9. Missed Me by Dresden Dolls / 10. Winter by Tori Amos / 11. Apres Moi by Regina Spektor 


for Valentine’s Day here are 10 of my OTPs that became canon!! (notice how most of these were obvious from the get go, I am trash but I am obvious trash), these are all in no particular order since that would have added extra stress to my head. Also, there are many ships I love that were never  made fully canon in the actual story even if they were hinted at so I might do a separate post for those some day, as well as one where they were together from the start. Please enjoy and tell me which ones you agree with ;D

  • Phinbella (Phineas and Ferb): this one has become an issue as… the couple itself I love, a big part of the fandom does as well, they have good chemistry, they never threat each other badly and I am ok with how old they were once they finally got together; the problem is that the way it was handled was… lackbuster. I am still glad to see it become canon and hopefully people will remember them more fondly in the future but I have seen plenty of other couple do the childhood friends thope in much more fullfilling ways.
  • ShikaTema (Naruto): most obvious couple on the series hands down, wanna know the best part? no love triangle. Unless someone really wanted to see one there truly wasn’t one, they just became used to each other as time went on in spite of both of them being a pain in the ass and decided that they were the best person for each other regardless of what sacrifices that would entail, I love that, and how they became closer by acknowledging each other’s strenghts rather than by fisical attraction (at first).
  • NaruHina (Naruto): now this one is a couple that made me suffer cause Kishimoto is a teasing asshole (not really there were times when we felt that way about him), after so many years of rooting for these two like a freaking religion they finally became a couple and before anybody asks, yes it was done in a much more solid way than Phinbella and no it wasn’t an asspull unless you wanna look the other way. Also, this is a relationship born out of admiration to each other’s abilities, suffering and never giving up even if they are down; they have pulled each other back together so many times and that was before they were even a couple, now that is the kind of support a person can need through out their lifetime.
  • Edwin (FMA): the childhood friends trope had never given me less of a headache, because through the whole story neither one ever doubted  how important the other person was to his/her life, even if it is true that they each realized it at different points of the story, and then after doing so they managed to keep it as non akward as posible. These two just plain work due to never being afraid to tell each other the real stuff like it is with no setbacks and that makes the trope feel refreshing.
  • Kataang (Avatar the Last Airbender): wanna know something funny? even though I shipped it, it wasn’t until years after the show ended that I realized just how well made these two were. Aang allows Katara to let go, to feel free, to have fun, to not be everyone’s mother 24/7; while Katara makes him feel cared for, she gives him a home and a family after having lost everything he had and never looses faith in him even when not even he is sure that he can do what he must for the sake of the World. Knowing that they got to spend so many wonderful years together truly puts a smile on your face.
  • KimRon (Kim Possible): or how to jump the shark without ruining the series. Season 4 of Kim Possible has to be one of my favorite TV seasons ever because not only did they manage to make the perfect life long friends a couple in a good way (surprisingly it was the boy who saw what was happening first) but they mantained their personalities and friendship through it all and whatever changed between them, which wasn’t much, changed for the better. They didn’t ignore their relationship, they just didn’t let it become a plot tumor.
  • Ron X Hermione (Harry Potter series): the only thing that truly pisses me off about the movies, even though I love them, is how the romance from the novels was handled. That said, these two still managed to come across to the non-readers audience because they balance each other out so well. It is another case of childhood friends + opposites attract but it is one I am always very happy to see, or mainly read.
  • Haruhi X Tamaki (Ouran Highschool Host Club): I used an image from the manga cause, as much as I love the anime, it was the manga that fully sold me on these two. A shojo story that is almost reverse harem (only half the guys liked Haruhi at some point), without the characters making each other miserable on purpose. What they each truly inspired each other to do was grow up, express themselves and allow nothing to get in the way of making a life together where they each have their own goals and are just there to acompany each other for the ride that is life.
  • Sumire X Momo (Kimi wa Petto): if you haven’t read this manga then I strongly suggest you do it cause it is my favorite love story ever. A will they/won’t they couple that doesn’t make me pull my hair out by breaking up and getting back together all the time. When they get together they do it for good! What kept them from getting together was each one of them facing that which scared them about life, him by following his passions and acting like an adult, and her by accepting herself and not caring so much about what everyone else might say. I don’t wanna spoil such a fun, lovely, mature and kinda sexy adventure so please just read it and enjoy it.
  • Sango X Miroku (Inuyasha): someone as serious as Sango can appear to be too much for Miroku who is an imposible flirt, until you realize that both of their reasons for fighting lie entirely on their families. For her, it is too save the brother who is all she has left; for him, it is ending the curse that killed his father while he was still a child and that threatens to take his life as well any minute. Having a family matters more to them than anything in the world and being able to make one together is in my opinion, a fantastic ending to two characters who have suffered so much and managed to overcome so many obstacles.