You know what’s great about fairy tales that haven’t been made into Disney movies?  How completely bullshit they are.  Like, if it’s a popular enough fairy tale that it’s gotten its own movie, a lot of the completely random-seeming shit has probably been excised from that version.  If it’s just been left to molder since people stopped drinking beer for breakfast, started being able to read on a massive scale, and learned how not to give themselves ergot poisoning every winter…well, it might just sound like something a sleep-deprived kindergartener made up.

“Here, dearest sister, take this vial of water.  If it turns cloudy, you’ll know I’m sick.  If it turns red as blood, you’ll know I’m dead.”

“This is a very useful thing, dearest brother, as reliable post hasn’t been invented yet, and you’re going to just wander around until you make your fortune.  I have only one question.”


“Where the hell did you get this?”


“Where did you get a vial of water that magically knows if you’re sick or dead?  Like, did you just pick it up at the market?  Did you have to go see a witch?  How much did you pay for this?  The whole reason you’re leaving is that we’re fucking broke.”

“I just…it was just lying around.”

“What, in the attic?”

“I guess?”

“Why would we have a vial of water that can tell if you’re sick or dead just lying around in the attic?”

“I don’t know.  Maybe we can ask those animals that tricked the robbers out of their cabin in the woods.  They seem to know what they’re doing.”

“The animals…that tricked the robbers…out of their cabin.”


“I hate this town.”

“Young man, if you let me sit by your fire, I’ll give you a sack of gold that can never be emptied.”

“Why would you be just wandering around alone dressed like a beggar if you have a sack of gold that can never be emptied?”

“I just…am.  Fuck you.  You want the sack or not?  Because I am dog tired, and freezing cold, and offering you a magic money-sack if I can just take a load off.”

“This is the sort of magic sack that’s going to make me really happy for like six weeks and then I’m going to get murdered in my sleep by trolls, isn’t it?”

“…yes.  Do you want it or not?”

“What the hell, with plague going around again, I’m probably not going to live more than another few months, anyway.”

“That’s the sort of can-do spirit murder-trolls love to see!”



“Young lady, I’m very hungry, won’t you please share your bread with me?”

“Shit.  Are you the sort of stray dwarf I’m supposed to help, or are you going to murder me unless I start hitting you with a stick right now?”


“Those are my two options, right?  I mean, I can’t just say nah, I only have enough for me, and keep on walking.  I have to either feed you or beat the hell out of you.  So which is it?  I don’t want to get magic-murdered for picking wrong.  The last person you turned into a stone or a goat or whatever, what’d they do?”

Why is every traveler on this road so fucking weird?  I just want a hunk of bread, lady.“

“So you’re not magic?”

“Oh, well.  Yeah, of course I’m magic.”

“But you’re not going to do anything magic right now.”

“Are you on some bizarre quest to marry a prince even though you have absolutely no idea how to run a kingdom?”

“No, of course not.  Jesus.”


“I’m trying to figure out how to turn my seven brothers from dead swans back into humans permanently.”

“Your brothers were turned into dead swans.”

“I mean, I don’t really mind, because they transform back into men at night, but my fiance won’t get married until the mill’s courtyard isn’t full of dead swans all day.  He thinks it’s gruesome.”

“Why would anyone turn your brothers into dead swans?”

“We think the local witch was just trying to turn them into swans.  Or maybe kill them.  She was on a bender, so she can’t really remember.”

“Okay, but why?”

“My brothers were kind of dicks, before they got stuck as dead swans all day.“

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but if you give me half your bread, I’ll tell you how to turn them back into people full-time.”

“Why are you being so nice all the sudden?”

“Because I now really need a beer, and I hate drinking on an empty stomach.”

“Young woman, who is coincidentally very beautiful and very virtuous even though you grew up very poor in a time when that very well may have meant chronic malnutrition and seeing family members literally die of hunger, you may have the hand of the prince in marriage if you can lift his curse.”

“Okay, yeah, I’m pretty sure I can do that.  I’ve got some good fairies backing me up, and also half the animal kingdom.”

“That’s very impressive.”

“Yeah, I did a lot of really random stuff and went vegan for a while, and now apparently everything under the sun owes me.“

“Well, you’ll enjoy your time as a princess, then!”

“Well, before we do that, I thought maybe we should talk about why the curse was put on him in the first place.  Maybe you could tell me who did it, and why, and if we know where they are now.  Maybe we could sort of come up with a plan for dealing with them.  You know, after I break the curse.”

“Why would we do that?”

“Well, somebody sort of turned the prince into a giant fish and made it so fishermen can’t stop trying to catch him, so it seems like they might just try something else if we undo that.  I want to be ready.”

“Nonsense.  This curse was a one-time thing.”

“The witch still lives like right next door, yes?”

“Yes, but she’s calmed down a lot since she did this.”

“She just turned a guy into a newt last week.”

“But she likes us now.”

“Not enough to undo the curse, though.”

“Well, no.”

“So, we should probably have a plan, right?”


“Okay, I’m going to keep walking until I find an enchanted prince with more sensible parents.  Peace out, your majesties.”

Painted a sketch that I made nearly two years ago.

Back when I first made this sketch, I had this whole set of ideas for several illustrations of my take on the life of Ahsoka and Barriss, post clone wars and during the empire age. Sadly, I had lost all motivation of doing all these ideas, so this might as well be first and only illustration of this story.
This might be the last drawing I am able to do on my computer since I don’t want to risk getting it damaged or something until I am able to get the replacement part.

So a while ago I made this post. It has been the bane of my existence since. 

It was just a ‘reblog if you respond to asks privately’ because I wanted my followers to know that, and I thought it might be helpful for others. 

but it kinda took off and it has well over 100k notes now.

Pro: some people feel more comfortable reaching out to people.

Con: I haven’t seen anything else in my activity feed since.

This means I am constantly missing replies and stuff. constantly. So if I dont reply to your post please, please forgive me. It’s not that I dont care, but that I haven’t seen it.

So, I just realized that this post didn’t actually get posted. I had posted this first, before my other two songs, explaining how I’ve gained 9 new followers since performing it at 221B Con (which is great, for me). And I explained that I wanted to post up the “studio” version for all of my new followers, as well as my other two. Except it didn’t post, so the descriptions in the other two might not make much sense, without the ‘intro’ on this one. Oh, well. Anyway, here’s the first one I made! And welcome, all of my new followers!


You called my phone, to leave your note. You jumped after you said goodbye. I screamed, you fell. It hurt like hell, the pain as I watched you die.

Don’t you ever say all your life was fake. I’ll always believe in you. They all believe a lie, you ended your life. I’ll always believe in you.

You met your end at Reichenbach. Oh why’d you have to die Sherlock? Only cold concrete to break your fall. Oh why’d you go and leave me?

Yeah, you left me.

That roof was high up in the sky. One step, and you tumbled down. Too late to stop you, I just watched you. Now, your blood is on the ground. 

Don’t you ever say all your life was fake. I’ll always believe in you. They all believe a lie, you ended your life. I’ll always believe in you.

You met your end at Reichenbach. Oh why’d you have to die Sherlock? Only cold concrete to break your fall. Oh why’d you go and leave me? You met your end at Reichbach. Yeah, you just closed your eyes and jumped. Left me shocked as I just watched you fall. Why’d you go and leave me?

Yeah, you left me.

I saw plenty of death in war, but nothing hurt me like this did. I wait for your knock at the door, but the silence never ends. I saw plenty of death in war, but nothing hurt me like this did. Oh, the silence never ends. 

Don’t you ever say all your life was fake. I’ll always believe in you. 

You met your end at Reichenbach. Oh why’d you have to die Sherlock? Only cold concrete to break your fall. Oh why’d you go and leave me? You met your end at Reichbach. Yeah, you just closed your eyes and jumped. Left me shocked as I just watched you fall. Oh, why’d you go and leave me? 

Yeah, you left me. Yeah you, you left me.

are the use of images damaging your ability to grow as a writer?

Before I begin this I would like to say that I use icons/gifs very often in my roleplay, I rely on them for shorter interactions but I have noticed that they tend to make me very lazy. Watching the dash over a few years has made me realize some things and I understand others might feel the same way. This is in no way meant to hurt people’s feelings, make them feel inadequate, ect. If anything I am hoping to inspire people as well as encourage them overall to try harder and excel in what they enjoy.

Now, consider the following:
Do you find yourself spending more time capping for/hunting for/making icons than RPing?
Has your writing since then dulled?
Are you putting in less effort into posts since your transition into using icons like everyone else?
Does the look ( icons, stylings, special text, spacing ) of a post mean more to you than the actual content?
Are you using icons to do a lot of your RPing for you?

Allow me to explain. Let’s say that you have been given an ask to respond to, containing the following: 

“Are you alright?”

That is all. Three words. While some people might get frustrated about having so little to work with, I find it necessary to remind you that you are writing as a character that you love. For some reason, you have made them a blog and now you are interacting with people, but don’t let other people take away why you are writing. Why you started in the first place. Three words can be a lot.

Now onto the question at hand. Onto the problem, if you will.

Let’s say you answer just like this:

“I’m fine.”

Two words, plain and simple. If this was posted your partner would likely be disappointed (despite their lack on substance to their ask to begin with ) and it is likely that it won’t be responded to.

But now, here is where things become damaging to writing, your writing, and mine.
Let’s look at the same answer, but with an icon:

“I’m fine.”

The above is what would be considered a perfectly acceptable reply. Why? Because the icon is doing the work for you. You can see Daryl, his face. An image tells one thousand stories and it does the same here on tumblr for RP. With an image a person can assume the character’s mood, current actions, and even tone if the character is known well enough. The icon sets the mood. The writer doesn’t have to. Gifs do this even better:

“I’m fine.”

Now we are given motion on top of everything else listed above. You are able to see tension, able to read his mood better. In the example above one might assume that Daryl is speaking quietly, under his breath and without any real intention of elaborating or continuing the conversation. This one, however, quickly gives the impression that Daryl is agitated, speaking loudly, and maybe even being confrontational about it.

Two very different responses, right? But the same two words were given as the actual reply. A lot of people are perfectly content with these interactions, and that is fine! I, however, have started to reach a point where I miss writing. I miss the interactions, I miss reading my partner’s descriptions of their character’s thoughts, movements, and actions. There are some things that images can’t do and that is offer the connection between two people who love writing their characters and will go paragraphs and paragraphs just to let their character say two words

Challenge yourself. Remember why you write.
Stop catering to fads, stop trying to pump out as many replies as possible if it stunts your potential.


ok time for that lengthier post about trans stuff i mentioned earlier today i guess. since posts like this have been bouncing around my head for a while (and i’ve probably made other posts that cover some of the ground here??? so some of this might sound like i’m repeating myself, maybe???? oh well)

this post is kind of rambling and weird because i am very bad at explaining my feelings. also, very bad at asking about things i don’t know that i feel like i should know. (but for some reason it feels easier to do so collectively to a few hundred tumblr people, from close friends to total randos to spam bots, than it would in other contexts????) also i’ve been rewriting every sentence repeatedly and that’s never good for readability

tl;dr how do you trans; please advise

i’ve written here in the past that being trans, knowing for sure that i’m trans, feels like this totally overwhelming maze of stuff i have absolutely no idea how to navigate stretching out ahead of me forever and ever, every twist and turn composed of something i feel especially bad at– advocating for myself, trying to articulate my feelings, navigating unfamiliar situations, having to stand out from the crowd and make a fuss of myself, etc., etc. 

 like i know that i’m trans, i know i want to transition, but i haven’t been sure about how to get there

and to get more specific about that i guess i’m really talking about two different things. first of all just trying trying to talk to people i know about it. mostly my family, i guess. (then later on, work, other people i know irl but not on the internet– a pretty short list these days, i guess, etc.) i’ve talked to my mom about it once but that was months ago and i haven’t really mentioned it yet. i haven’t mentioned it to my dad at all yet. gulp. BUT THAT’S NOT WHAT THIS POST IS ABOUT except inasmuch that having a better sense of some of the other stuff in this post might make come off as less obviously confused and panicked the next time i make an attempt at this :V

secondly, just, like, on a purely practical level i have absolutely no idea how i’d go about obtaining trans-related medical care, since i imagine it’s harder than just running up to my insurance provider’s office and punching the wall until some hormones comes out

this is really embarrassing to admit since, like, i’m 27 years old???? i’ve known i’m trans for how long???? i’ve been out on the internet for how long???? i’ve been part of nebulous ~*~trans tumblr~*~ for how long??? i feel like i Should Know™ everything, like one of those Relatable Posts about the student who’s told they’re gifted as a kid and then become a neurotic insecure basketcase over the possibility of not knowing everything ahead of time

the last time i tried to just sit down with a search engine on my own and research trans stuff i was 14 and first starting to think that maybe possibly i was a girl. where i wound up was the fucking COGIATI test. i’ve been scared to try to find out things and taking a wrong turn like that ever since. so i get that same kind of anxiety, that paralysis i write about in more flippant posts about being scared to log into tsw or whatever. (insert COGIATI/being bad at playing roundabout/mentally rotating 3D objects joke here) except this is like my entire life, not just a video game. but i’m still saddled with this sense that i should be able to Go It Alone. or at least fake it so nobody knows how dumb i am.

but i feel like my exposure to trans stuff has been kind of scattershot and especially in the 5 years or so heavily tilted towards internet osmosis– especially tumblr. lots of gender theory, lots of politics, lots of media criticism, less 101, less practicalities, less oh god what do i do next. so here i am, able to dash off a paragraphs-long tumblr essay about how hurtful wanda from sandman is but with like zero idea about how to actually proceed with transitioning

god this is an embarrassing post to write. i feel like i’m making a post asking the internet to do my homework for me.

so anyway i have like a bunch of vague conceptions of “gender therapists” or “informed-consent clinics” or having read an article once that said that massachusetts insurers were now legally obligated to cover trans stuff or whatever (i think????)– paired off with equally vague conceptions of medical gatekeepers, of a mental image of myself trying to explain myself to some stranger and getting out-argued and backing down, of knock-down drag-out fights with medical providers and insurers and bureaucracy and government agencies i’d never have the courage or conviction to stand up to, of pretty much every bad thing i’ve read about with respect to this stuff somehow happening to me.

and i don’t know what to do, i don’t know what i should be doing

it can’t be as hard as i’m making it out to be since like lots of people are trans, lots of people transition, so clearly it’s not Literally Impossible. but i don’t know what i should be doing.

Planeswalker Problems?

I’m not sure if it’s actually a problem or not, but since I’m posting Planeswalkers today and have my planeswalker file open, I might as well make a post about it.

I currently have 12 developed Planeswalker characters.

Four of them are male, seven are female, and one is a plant.

There are two for each color except black, which has three and one of them is defined by having a shifting color identity and hasn’t made a monocolor appearance yet.

White has two females
Blue has two females
Black has a male, a female, and the plant
Red has a male and a female
Green has a male and a female

It seems I have a bit of an imbalance that needs fixing.

I’ll make a post introducing all of them later.

Reaching Surface || Open
“What a morning… I think it’s been a long time since I’ve caused some chaos. Now that I can go to the surface.” Jenova started walking from her sanctuary, and through the many caves that made up this crator. “Might as well remind the world that I’m very much alive and well.”

missemmadilemmadaily asked:

Hi, so I have a vague idea of a historical romance and want to make it original by placing the setting during the transitioning period from the Georgian era to the Regency era. I can't seem to find information about it, and I'm not sure where to look. I don't want to write anything without researching first. Can you point me in the right direction?

I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to reply. Sadly, I have absolutely no expertise in this area since my writing tends to go the other direction. All I can really say is keep looking, whether if it be online, at your local libraries, or museums (you might could find a lecture on it as well). You may even find a work of fiction set in the same era that could help you along. Something that is always an option is creating your own sort of mash-up made from what you know about both periods since they are so closely dated. I hope you don’t mind if I post this publicly, but someone here must know more than I do (like a good resource or even just facts/details) since my knowledge is pretty much zilch. Best of luck, lovely. And I apologize for being no real help. 


Best game to play with my friends

So me and my boyfriend had got our friends a game they have been wanting to play, and it was the best thing we all played together since playstation all stars: WWE 2k15! We played it for hours and I never though I would ever get the hang of a wrestling game, but turns out haha im still not that great at it :/ but good enough where me and my friends can play and we’ll still have a good time good players or bad :3 like wrestling? Videogames? Well I think you should give this game a shot!

Later on might do some oc art of my wrestler I made…or post some video of him who knows oh boy this is going to be good

queenmaliaaccola replied to your post “i reallyyyy wanna make more gifs/icons but i’m so scared nooo one will…”

What are you talking about? I loved your last Malia gifset and you also made me realise how much I love Malia and pink together. And people will reblog them do not you worry. Also is your blog,your decision. If you want to make a new gifset just do it ;)

Really? omg this made me so happy, thank you xx Well since i’m doing a malia meme I might as well finish it.. soo maybe I should do a pink one next, for you? :)))

elfyourmother replied to your post “That post I made earlier wasn’t really about any plot hole, by the…”

Anders is literally the only instance of that ever happening, and that was a direct contradiction of established lore. it has not happened before or since and there has never been an explanation for that one exception. they fucked up and forgot.

Or hoped we’d forget.

But yeah, that’s about what I figured.

[Sighs] Well in my canon, Bethany goes to the Circle, so I can overlook that. In any others playthroughs I might have, I guess I could just… assume serendipity finds them and they just… bump into Stroud or wheoever. It’s not like that’s a word that could be used to describe most of Hawke’s life, anyway, wouldn’t hurt to have it once or twice.  

Tarotpocalypse Failure and a Question for Everyone

As some of you might have possibly seen, I was extremely excited for Tarotpocalypse and even created a sideblog called UnDiviner for it, with a cute layout and everything. Well, I made a total of one post on it before completely losing focus. I haven’t updated it since and doubt I will. 

The thing is, I experience a sort of difficulty prioritizing my time. It’s not that I lack motivation. It’s just that I have too many irons in the fire. Currently, I’m working on a large Tarot reading for a friend, a novel, studying magick and Tarot, of course, and trying to teach mistic478 about Tarot as best I can, all while working full-time at odd swingy hours. 

There was a good week-long period where I was getting nothing done except watching Youtube tutorials, knitting, and sleeping. Part of this was no doubt laziness, but most of it was an inability to prioritize. I had a lot of things I wanted to get done, but couldn’t decide which thing to focus on at a given time, so I got nothing done, for the most part. Very disappointed in myself for that.

Tarotpocalypse got pushed to the very back of the burner, though, because it’s essentially a character-driven creative enterprise, and while I am a writer, character pieces are not my best ability. Granted, it would have been a great exercise in improving my abilities, but lately I’ve been more intent on honing skills in other areas. Seeing how awesome most of the entries were for the past two weeks also made me feel a little silly and self-conscious. Everybody’s so clever in these parts!

Still, I love the concept of Tarotpocalypse and have been following it with great interest. I can’t wait to see who wins. And I’m sorry I was unable to properly enter. I want to thank princess-of-pentacles for creating such a cool idea and implementing it so well, and all the participants for their creativity. Reading the Tarotpocalypse posts has given me a nice break from all the stress in my life!

The thing is, I love the name UnDiviner (the name of my attempted Tarotpocalypse sideblog) and want to use it for something, but I can’t decide what! Does anyone have any ideas? What kind of content should fill it? What does the name suggest to you? I feel that my choice of name was serendipitous, and that I’m compelled to create content inspired by it.  So, what should I do?

Semi Hiatus

//Hey guys! So I’m gonna be taking a mini hiatus since I actually have pretty demanding classes this quarter that aren’t that easy so I have to focus. And I also finally made a friend in college! Yay! So I actually go out now and talk to people.
I’ll try and be back for a bit on weekends but for now will just come on now and then to fill up my queue so my blog won’t be totally dead.

I made this account (out of spontaneity and boredom)  exactly a year ago today... O_o

Wow time flies :p

And to think way back when I only joined (and only starting looking at Tumblr posts at all) to look at random Mario things, particularly gifs :p

It took like months for me to realize I might as well start posting/reblogging things and following different kinds of blogs and here I am with 72 followers that must’ve came out of nowhere (love you all <3) but hey this is cool and Tumblr has been entertaining me since :D

Fun fact: My very first post was actually kind of an RP type thing, where I took on the identity of Luigi :p My blog could have definitely taken a completely different turn if I stuck with that original idea… :p

redmayine replied to your post: any mutuals who want to do a botm/tumb…

I would like to help you like A LOT since I wanna be more active but I’m hella dumb with those kind of stuff x’)

same..i usually end up forgetting that i made the post but i thought well..if i’m doing one with someone else i might feel like i HAVE to do it hehe, and i have a week off from school soon!!!