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I don't understand... Harry is trying so hard to tell us that he's gay and proud of it and then that interview?? Idk that's strange

Do you realize that those words in the book were written long before you actually read them? We have Harry’s recent streak for the past week or so—that book was produced many months back.

Are you aware of just how wildly inconsistent print!harry has always been with camera!harry? Harry is always saying things in print that he never, ever says on tape. There’s a reason for that—you should be able to guess why that is.

You are acting as if the printed page is simultaneous to Harry’s observable behavior in time, and of equal weight with his observable behavior in credibility. Neither of these things are true.

Get in the habit of asking how things came to be, in general. Nothing pops into existence out of thin air.

Yh I’m creeped out by how Ariana Grande is sexualised and also made to look like a child simultaneously. Whoever is marketing her needs to stop it.

A photo taken on August 29, 2014, shows Mount Tavurvur erupting in eastern Papua New Guinea, spewing rocks and ash into the air, forcing the evacuation of local communities and international flights to be re-routed. Mount Tavurvur, which destroyed the town of Rabaul when it erupted simultaneously with nearby Mount Vulcan in 1994, rumbled to life early in the morning on the tip of the remote island of New Britain. AFP PHOTO/Oliver BLUETT

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Cosima and Delphine. Cosima turns up in Germany outside of Delphine's apartment and starts playing her Ukulele.

“Cosima,” Delphine said (yelled), leaning out her window, “did you really risk your health and safety to fly to Frankfurt only to play your small guitar outside of my window?”

“Dude,” rasped Cosima, coughing a little bit but continuing to play what sounded kind of like Taylor Swift (if you were listening very closely and had no ear for any sort of tune), “first of all, it’s a ukelele, and second of all, it was kind of important.”

The DYAD tails who had been following Cosima from Toronto eyed each other and realized simultaneously that this situation was in fact too stupid for them to intervene; they did the sensible thing, and went to get drunk.

Send me characters and a situation and I will write you a three-sentence fic!

Alright. :D here we go! 


Kiss In The Sky

"But I don’t want to!" 

"Well you’re going whether you like it or not!"

Jason yelled, as he chased Nico across the Argo ll. A small smile slipped onto the dark-haired boy’s face as he dodged both furniture and very determined blondes simultaneously. But one false stumble later, he was being hauled over the shoulder like a sack of potatoes by a victorious Jason. 

They disappeared over the side of the ship.

Piper looked over with an amused smirk. 

"Have fun guys!" She didn’t even bother to hide the glee in her voice. 

"I told you so!" She whispered to Annabeth, who grudgingly handed over five bucks. 

"I’m going to kill you Grace!" The son of Hades shouted over the wind whistling in his ears as they free-fell, about to become demigod waffles. 

"Relax Nico, I’ve done this a million times.The view’s great today. Oh C’mon don’t be like that, smile for me?" 

Even here, while they were probably falling to their deaths a hundred kilometers above solid ground, Jason was asking him to smile? Oh Hell to the no! But this was JASON. Who Nico had pretty much spilled his guts out to, who Nico had confessed his biggest secret to.

Nico looked up and felt blood rush to his face. The son of Zeus was lifting his chin up very gently, an equally tender expression in his sky-blue eyes. 


"Hmm?" He whispered, bending down to capture the pale boy’s lips in his own. It was perfect, like movie-perfect. Sparks of electricity jolted down Nico’s spine, but he was fine. Scratch that, he was better than fine, he felt his whole body tingle, as if every molecule in his being was being charged, giving him life. Forget an underwater kiss, this was so, so much better. With a jolt and gasp, he melted into his boyfriend, threading his fingers through his sandy hair. Jason moaned and pulled back first, chuckling quietly as he felt the other’s muscles loosen. Nico rested his head in the crook of Jason’s neck, breathing in his scent and secretly loving times like this though he’d only admit that over his dead body. They stayed like that for some time, until they got too close to the ground and the son of the winds had to summon a pillow of air for them to land on. 

"I hate you but… can we do that again?" The ghost king suddenly looked at Jason, his ten-year-old-christmas-day excitement shining through his obsidian eyes and surpassing any effect the weak scowl might’ve had. Jason rolled his eyes and floated them up again. 

"Love you too, and yes your majesty." He bowed deeply…nearly dropping Nico to his death, but catching him at the last minute- a bit red faced nevertheless. 


yeah but before you go ahead and say ace/aro spectrum people don’t have real issues can you please just remember that a lot of the issues we face are internal and don’t often manifest physically. remember that we grow up in a society that places immense focus on romantic and sexual relationships and simultaneously place a lot of stigma on individuals who don’t participate in either or both these types of relationships- aromantics are dubbed cold or heartless and asexuals are seen as prudes or teases and both are assured they’ll change their minds when they meet ‘the right person’. before you try to tell me i don’t deal with problems regarding my orientation, try to consider how damaging these things are on an individual, try to consider how many young people feel broken because they can’t relate to these feelings and how invalidated they feel when they try to broach this subject with people they know. and lets not forget the emotional manipulation asexuals in romantic relationships often have to deal with too. also the emotional manipulation aromantics have to deal with for not giving anyone a chance. so yeah, before you scoff at ace/aros who think they have issues, try to recognize that you are literally propagating the exact issues we face by not acknowledging us and the struggle every one of us has gone through to even feel okay about identifying as we do.

Academia can be overwhelmingly foreign and hostile to those who have poor or working-class backgrounds. For people who are from the working class and also queer, the obstacles to earning a graduate degree may prove insurmountable. Frequently discouraged from attending college in the first place, these students often struggle to pay for their education while they simultaneously battle prejudice and discrimination because of their sexual orientation and blue-collar backgrounds.

Resilience offers inspiring personal stories of those who made it: thirteen professors and administrators provide their moving accounts of struggle, marginalization, and triumph in the accomplishments that their parents, guidance counselors, and sometimes even they themselves would have thought out of reach. These scholars write in a manner that will enable readers to reconsider their own assumptions and to empathize with the oppression that accompanies being defined as “other.”


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As an Atlanta native, I'm really excited and proud that so much television and film production is being done in my city these days. However, I'll be the first to admit that this city has just as many faults as it does wonderful things to enjoy. It's like your annoying little brother you hate to love (or is it love to hate?) There are times I feel embarrassed and want to apologize for its shittiness, but simultaneously brag about what we get right. So anyway, welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay.

really? because i have to say.  i’ve been biking around atlanta all week and i was impressed as hell. nightmare humidity aside, its a much hipper town than i was led to believe.

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You are picky as fuck, and need to chill. Like at least people are interested. No need to shame them

Sorry, but I refuse to fall into that trap that women are pushed into where they’re expected to just be grateful that ~someone~ finds them attractive and give every single guy a chance regardless of whether she’s interested or not. 

It’s not called ‘being picky’, anon, it’s called ‘being aware of the issues that make up basic compatibility”. I have been incredibly, incredibly specific in my online dating profile about both who I am as a person and also the sort of people, qualities and traits I’m attracted to. I refuse to apologise for knowing what I like in other humans and keeping to those standards.  

Online dating, especially the initial free ‘flirting’, is simultaneously as risk-free and textually straightforward as potential romantic interaction gets; this isn’t these poor guys striking up the courage to go and approach a girl at a bar, taking a stab at a conversation topic she might be interested in and then getting harshly rejected, this is literally this guy looking at a huge list of the girl’s interests, hobbies, likes dislikes and several paragraphs written by her about her, including what she’s looking for in a date as well as basic statistics and several photos. This is dating with the cheat codes enabled, and some people STILL get it wrong. 

When someone who does not represent the things I am looking for in a partner,contacts me anyway, that tells me one of three things about them: either they skimmed my profile without actually reading it (lazy), contacted me exclusively based on my pictures (shallow) or they read my profile, recognise that they aren’t similar to the person I’m looking for, but believe they are the exception to my standards (arrogant).

Oddly enough, I don’t find myself desperate to date people with those qualities. 

Nearly 40 profiles later, I’ve only found two guys that I was moderately ambivalent about to agree to any further contact; I could choose to be crying into my Wheaties about how limited my prospects are and how I’ll probably just have to ~settle~, orrrrr, I could have a giggle about just how unsuitable some of these people are and move on. 

The only ones I’m genuinely shaming here are the old dude who’s gross for creeping on someone a third of his age and that one guy’s cornrows (not even the guy himself, he seems nice, but his cornrows are inexcusable in 2014); everything else is just me having a laugh. 

Dorm move-in is probably the biggest thing I’ve been looking forward to for the past four years. I’ve never been particularly close with my parents and while I know they work hard and care a lot, I’ve spent my entire high school years wishing I could just be away from them, free to be myself, unrestricted, the way I want myself to be.

For you college freshman out there, dorm move-in is soon, it’s now, and I know most of you couldn’t be happier. University is where things happen: where parties rage, where there is no curfew, where you can eat whatever, whenever you want. That time has finally come.

Let me warn you, though: leaving your proverbial nest will not be as wonderful as you think. Sure, the weeks leading up to dorm move-in will be pure bliss; they will be slightly bittersweet, as you’ll be saying goodbye to your home, but simultaneously preparing for this huge next chapter in your life, which, I can tell you for certain, will contain some of your worst and loneliest moments.

The weight of your loneliness won’t settle completely until the exact moment when your parents leave you, whether it’s before you board your plane, or right in the doorway of your dorm room.

When you are away from your parents for the first time, you will discover exactly what and how much they have done for you, no matter what you think about them now.

I guarantee it. No matter how rocky your relationship with your parents is, that first night you are alone, right after they hug you awkwardly goodbye and leave, there will be an ache in your chest, an ache so heavy and miserable that you’ll be tempted to claw your heart out.

For some of you, this may be difficult to believe. In fact, it might just sound flat-out ridiculous. It will sound trite and hackneyed because so many people have preached it to you before. You’ve convinced yourself, I won’t be like that. I won’t yearn for my parents once I’m out of their grasp, but of course — until you’ve actually parted from them, until they’ve actually left you, of course — you will be thinking that.

I know you don’t get along with them most of the time. I know sometimes your dad raises his voice too loudly and your mom is always hypercritical… and not to mention hypocritical. I know it’s unfair that your curfew is way earlier and your texting plan is way lower than anyone else’s. I know your parents have said hurtful things to you before, and often act immaturely, in very un-parental ways.

When you are away from your parents for the first time, you will realize your parents are human too.

They may be adults, but they make mistakes. They are not perfect, and like you, they never will be. But please, please remember, they are trying their best. They are giving their 100 percent, and this too, I guarantee.

When you were five or 6 years-old, when you accidentally slid a Lego piece under the refrigerator, your mother dropped everything she was doing to crawl on hands and knees to fish it out. She pressed her face to the cool linoleum and swiped her hand blindly under the dusty, disgusting corner of the kitchen floor, just so you could have your Lego block back. Please remember this.

When were 13, you were meeting your friends at the movies and your dad was giving you a ride there. You told him to just drop you off across the street (because God forbid your friends see you climb out of his embarrassingly outdated minivan), but he insisted on driving you all the way to the theater’s entrance. You were annoyed at him then, but the moment you stepped out of the car, you realized how grateful you were to be so close to the front doors because it was freezing at that time of year, and there was literally no one else loitering outside. He saved you 10 minutes of trekking through poor weather, and probably from frostbite. Please remember this.

Around this time in the summer, your parents are frantically buying you things you don’t think you’ll ever need. Hand vacuum! Water filter! Laundry detergent! They are making you pack things you swore you’d never again touch once you turned eighteen. Huge parka! Dictionary! Family photos! But at least they’re doing all this for you. They are embarrassing, annoying, impossible to please, and lately, really, really moody, but like I said, they’re trying. They are trying so hard. Don’t forget this.

Also don’t forget that your mother is the only person who will ever ask you if you’ve had enough to eat and if you’d like second helpings. Don’t forget your father is the only person who will ever make you take a sweater when you’re going out, even when you obviously don’t need it (but will end up wearing anyway).

When you are away from your parents for the first time, you will discover they are the only people in the world who care enough to even mention these things to you, so just for one moment, disregard their impatience, their constant nagging, and their other little flaws, and just listen.

Just listen.


I acknowledge there are exceptions. In the cases of absent parents or negligent parents or just downright unsuitable parents, I know this article won’t do much for you. I would like to say I know how you feel and that you’ll get through it eventually — but the problem is that I don’t, and you probably won’t. I also know there have been a countless number of people who have had the nerve to say they know how you feel and you’ll get through it eventually — but they most certainly do not, even if you maybe will.

There is nothing in my power to make things “normal” for you, because in life there really is no norm, but whatever your situation is, I hope you are happy and well. If you are going to college, you are lucky or you are gifted, and if you aren’t, you probably are both lucky and gifted, but your fate just doesn’t point to a university setting, at least not this year. You are alive, and you’re making the best of it, which is all that counts.


The first night I was on my own, I wasn’t as happy as I anticipated I would be. My heart pounded for no apparent reason other than that I actually missed my dad and missed my mom — two people I’d never even considered missing before — and tremors ran down all my limbs. At one point I was arranging groceries in my new fridge, when I clumsily dropped a quart-sized tub of yogurt onto the kitchen floor. My roommate and I spent an hour scrubbing curdled dairy out of that cheap apartment tile; afterwards, I bawled for another good hour.

You’ve been looking forward to this moment your entire high school life; for some of you, perhaps even since earlier. You’ve been waiting for the day you’ll have no one nagging at you to clean your room, and no one forcing you to eat your steak when you’ve clearly declared yourself to be a vegetarian.

No one will burst into your room without knocking and no one will get angry with you for talking back. No one will set you a curfew and no one will do your laundry. No one will cook for you, run your groceries, or provide you with cash whenever you need it.

For the first time, you are alone.

The things you discover when you are away from your parents for the first time will make you appreciate them more than you have ever before.

For the first time, you’d give anything just to hear someone tell you to keep your dirty socks off the carpet. You’d give anything to be yelled at for leaving crumbs on the table, for staying up too late or out too long. You slowly realize it might be a while before you have anyone at all. And you’d give anything just to have someone, anyone, back.

—  Karielle Stephanie Gam (The Things You Discover When You Are Away from Your Parents for the First Time: A Cautionary Tale for Incoming College Freshmen)

Mount Tavurvur erupts in Papua New Guinea – in pictures

Mount Tavurvur has rumbled to life on the tip of the remote island of New Britain in Papua New Guinea, forcing the evacuation of local communities and international flights to be re-routed. The volcano destroyed the town of Rabaul when it erupted simultaneously with nearby Mount Vulcan in 1994.

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Sarah and Alison arguing

“They’re just cookies, Alison,” Sarah sighs, running a weary hand through her hair, and Alison rears backwards as if she’s been slapped.

“Just cookies?!” she shrieks, like a teakettle left on too long, “Sarah Manning, I understand you’ve had a difficult childhood, but do not insult the Girl Scouts of America with this…poppycock!”

“I’ve never even been to America!” Sarah yells, throwing her hands up in exasperation, and Alison just lets out a scoff that manages to be simultaneously smug, disappointed, angry, heartbroken, and hungry for Thin Mints.

Send me characters and a situation and I will write you a three-sentence fic!