so I did that hunger games simulator and put in the names of a bunch of spn characters and I got some, ah, interesting results…

well right off the bat:

off to a good start!



bless his little heart

holy crap what

this is possibly the best ship I have ever accidentally created


the Novak dream team right here

well so much for megstiel


Power of love


Confusion, mild angst, relief, light fluff

Fandom: Divergent

Request: “Can you do a divergent imagine where you are an initiate with tris and you love eric and you think he loves you but then he finds out you are divergent and then he has to choose whether to kill you or cover for you. He finds out you are divergent after all of the dauntless are under simulation but it doesn’t work on you. Pretty please, if you understood any of that! Thanks!”

Word count: 752

gif is not mine.

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Twelve districts, one arena. The hunger games is a brutal competition that takes place every year. Some are trained for it. Some are unprepared. Some are excited, elated, scared. Twenty-four kids join, but only one makes it out. Welcome to the 86th Hunger Games. How will you fair?

Your character does not have to be a participant. You’re more than welcome to make your character a mentor, a victor, a citizen of the Capitol, or a citizen of one of the districts. You can even plot relationships with other group members and have your character be a sibling/lover/friend to someone involved in the games! Go wild!

If your character is a passive, peaceful sort and you’d still like to place them in the games, by all means, go for it! Equally, if you’d like to have them not participate, you’re more than welcome to place them elsewhere as well. 

The tag for this verse will be Connected Through Death, and it is a verse for Cyberconnection members only. This verse is meant to allow Cyberconnection members to join a Hunger Games verse alongside their fellow groupmates. If you’re already present in another Hunger Games verse and would still like to join, that’s completely fine!

Verse Information:

Age: (doesn’t have to be their canon age!)
District: (if they live in the capitol, list that instead)
Role: Participant in the game, mentor, stylist, noble, escort, or citizen of one of the districts.

the best bits of the marvel hunger games simulator:

peter no!

the clint barton saga:

natasha is too accurately characterised:

betty gets jealous:

tony is an idiot:

aww young love <3

peggy carter is not to be messed with:

and all in all sam won because he spent the entire thing teaming up with people and picking fruit….

"For the time being, our plan for making coins will be an interesting combination of systems from different games. When you’ve finished your harvest and you’re up to your eyeballs in fruits and vegetables, where do they go? To your shipping box of course, to be carried to the sky (and then to the city to be sold, more precisely) by Toot."  Seedscape Developer Diary 1: Owlright, it’s go time!


For those of you who missed my Livestream of Goat Simulator, you missed a lot.