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collects rocks: Combeferre, because he’s a nerd in all aspects of the scientific world, including geology
takes pictures of the other while they’re asleep: Courf takes pictures of Ferre when he’s sleepy because oh my god Enj he’s so adorable he’s like a really handsome puppy 
gets drunk and breaks shit: Courfeyrac, the giddy drunk.
can’t swim: Ferre. He wears armbands and Courfeyrac thinks it’s adorable.
remembers to feed the fish: Combeferre. Don’t trust Courf with pets, there’s a reason they don’t let him buy a puppy or look after Robespierre, this has been a psa
puts up Christmas decorations in November: Courf because “I’m getting into the Christmas spirit, Combeferre!” “Courfeyrac, you don’t even celebrate Christmas, you’re Jewish.” “Christmas spirit, you grinch!!”
sends inappropriate texts and snapchats while the other is in a meeting: I feel like this one is way too obvious to give an answer
makes sims just to drown them in the pool: Ferre (Courf makes sims just to make them woohoo)
brings the other coffee at work: Courfeyrac comes waltzing into the hospital with a takeaway cup and is all “One latte for my hot doctor boyfriend!” and then Ferre finds him and he’s like “You do know I’m only a student doctor, right.”
takes gym locker room selfies: Courfeyrac. Courf + selfies = ∞
signs them up for tennis lessons and a salsa-making class: I feel like Courfeyrac would do this as a joke but Ferre would end up getting really into it
forgets to charge the other’s iPad and leaves it dead on the coffee table: Courf, and Ferre is so angry because my fucking research courfeyrac i will end you

Witches Choice  🔮

Question For My Readers

What would you like to see next? I’ve got so many ideas and there are so many possibilities, but what would you rather I cover first? Here’s a quick recap:

Things aren’t looking good for the Crumplebottom sisters in ‘Witches Of Moonlight Falls {Season 4}. Doreen Caliente A.K.A the devils wife / evil sorceress is coming through the portal to kill the charmed ones with the resurrected assassin, Black Canary alongside her. Meanwhile Belinda’s husband is going after the deadly spy, Black Widow! Is this a death sentence? Beatrice is trapped in Ancient Egypt, 51 BC… And Bianca has turned into a mermaid! …In the 17th century, the age of pirates and the kraken!

What will it be:

-  Devils Wife’s Assassin
-  Black Widow 
-  Ancient Egypt
-  Mermaids

I’m giving my beautiful readers a choice, Which storyline should I pursue first?

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Could u write a summary or dui's story?? Dunno if i wanna purchase it

I can try to, dunno if I remember everything though

Just a heads up that I really didn’t enjoy the story, so this is probably not going to be very serious xD

& obviously SPOILERS

So yeah, Dui saves you from falling and takes you to the Mansion where the gods live. He seems nice enough but is already like “You shouldn’t be with me, I’m daaaangerous” *HINT HINT*. Heroine evidently doesn’t care and starts to help him with his work. So even while doing punishments he’s being super kind, wanting the people to understand what they did wrong etc etc etc etc

The heroine eventually starts to hear strange noises at home, so Dui decides to stay with her to “protect her”. Now even the other gods are like “U THINK DIS IS A GOOD IDEA, HE HASN’T SHOWN UP FOR A WHILE”*hint hint*. But yea obviously no one stops him.

Severeal days and sexual innuendos later (Dui really loves those), before starting to do the punishments Dui hands her some papers. And ofc she somehow manages to CUT HERSELF. Dui goes batshit crazy, tries to strangle her but then decides that drowning her in the reflection pool is so much more awesome. After he leans over the pool however he faints, heroine runs out and gets the other gods. They explain that Dui has a split personality and starts to freak out when he sees blood. After this incident Dui tries to distance himself for the heroine, but obviously that’s just not gonna be a thing because this is an otome game.

So one day she cooks for the gods, spills some ketchup, yes ketchup and SURPRISE, shadow Dui once again tries to kill her. Scorpio falcon kicks him and they drag him into his room. After he wakes up the heroine tries to leave because she’s afraid he’ll try to distance himself from her again, because for an otome heroine ending up forever alone is much scarier than being strangled to death. So they eventually tell each other about their love, amore and stuff bla bla.

At some point he tells her that his sin was killing a god, his best friend to be more specific, because he went bananas after eating a forbidden fruit. Shortly after that Dui started with his split personality crap.

They eventually go on a date but Dui is starting to loose controle more and more. So one time shadow Dui drags her to a buzzling street and makes a huge car crash happen. After heroine saves a child from being run over with her super otome powers she eventually drags shadow Dui to an alley. You can already guess what’s gonna happen I assume, he tries to kill her again. Scorpio shows up to save the day, normal Dui gets super depressed. 

To cheer him up she once again cooks for the gods, Dui starts to have some really weird argument with his other self because he can’t really control it anymore. Heroine goes home and is all like woe is me, Dui shows up and acts all sweet with her. She thinks she’s finally getting laid a kiss but GUESS WHAT. Shadow Dui is having none of that mushy crap, he tricked her all along an tries to get rid of her once more.

She does somehow manage to stop him, normal Dui freaks and runs off. I’m not completely sure what happens next because I skipped ahead a bit because I was starting to get really bored. So Dui goes to like a creepy space where he dies if he stays there too long or something. Heroine somehow gets there (with the help of the other gods I imagine) and tries to stop him. Shadow Dui eventually chimes in like “calm the fack down I’ll just disappear“ but Dui is like “noooo I should have accepted you I’m sry” and they become one but also not really. It’s kinda weird. (Looks like whoever wrote this played too much persona)

So now that he’s his “true self” they go to the heavens. God wants to talk to them about something concerning Dui’s sin. (I skipped this part xD) So the heroine is waiting in heaven for Dui to come pick her up but that asshole just left her because his personality still seems to be split or something. Heroine eventually finds him and he’s like “I know u luv me” and she’s like totally into it BECAUSE IT’S NOT LIKE HE TRIED TO KILL HER UNTIL ALMOST THE LAST CHAPTER.

They kiss and make out and shit and idk anymore

What did I just experience

Things I’ve noticed about my followers

This is totally random.  I was thinking about this the other day and just decided to type it out.

I’m super shy so I like to observe the behaviors of people around me.  So here’s a list of some things I’ve recognized about the different types of people who follow my blog:

  • Those random non-sims tumblr people that follow and never like/reblog anything.  I don’t quite understand why you follow me.  O.o
  • People that only seem to like my text posts and/or reblog posts… that doesn’t make sense to me either
  • People who somehow follow my blog silently
  • People who only see my posts when it’s at the top of their dashboard
  • People who like everything (or just a moderate amount of things)
  • Last of all, people who support me in everything I do!  They comment on my posts regardless if they’re sims or non-sims and they answer my random questions and accept me for who I am (even if I don’t always reply, just know that I do see those comments).  I love you all but those last two types of people are my favs <3

Anywho, that’s it.  I probably missed a few but that’s all I can think of at the moment (and yes, some of you are in multiple categories!).  I’m not trying to single people out or anything because I understand different people do things differently.  :)  Sometimes it’s nice to just jot down my thoughts and observations since I have no one else to tell.  

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THG simulator?

THG Simulator, it’s in this webpage, you can make your own ‘set’ of 24 people (up to 48, actually, but 24 is already A LOT) and the simulator will say the day to day of the game. It’s randomly generated, with some factors into it, I think?

You get to see what the character (or yourself) that was submitted has it like in the games. Last time I got poisoned accidentally by a plant, and the time before I blew up like, four people, on princedorianpavus’ games. 

Join the game! It’s really fun. There’s still a lot of spots left. 

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hi sim my friend and I are planning to go to Sydney what are some places you would recommend going to?

Hey there, well I hope you both have a great time and I’m not really sure what kind of things you guys like so I hope this gives you a variety. I also think I wrote another message like this that is in my tagged mine link if you want to check that out :) Much love x x

  • Bondi beach (swim, surf, walks)
  • Bondi markets (Saturday = farmers markets, Sundays = clothes)
  • Gould Street, Bondi (shopping)
  • Manly beach (surfing, swimming, walking, shopping)
  • Shelly beach (surfing, swimming, walking)
  • Freshwater beach (surfing, swimming, walking)
  • Curl Curl beach (surfing, swimming)
  • Palm beach (swimming, sometimes surf, walking)
  • Glebe markets (clothing markets, mostly 2nd hand really good)
  • Surry hills (great shops)
  • Paddy’s markets (cheap produce and clothing shops)
  • Australia Contemporary Museum (walking)
  • Ferry rides 
  • Newtown (shopping - everything, dining)
  • Botanical gardens (walking, tours, beautiful natural scenery)
  • iMax (HUGE movie screen cinema, great experience)
  • Chinese Garden of Friendship (walking, relaxing)

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I share Sherlock's passion for science and knowledge, as well as his antipathy for most societal/social norms and quickness to boredom when life is being dull. But I am not quite as isolated as he tends to be, nor do I possess his predictive and observational skills. He would probably find me and my fandom pursuits rather wasteful. I do have John's adrenaline addiction, and a bit of an interest in seeing military action. So, I lean more toward Sherlock, but do have some John tendencies. You?

It’s interesting, in my relationship with my husband, I consider myself the Sherlock to his John (he is the least Sherlock-y person I’ve ever met), but otherwise I probably have a lot more in common with John than Sherlock. My emotions can get the better of me (angry!John) but I am also a caretaker and a nurturer (doctor!John). I am currently under-employed with my meagre savings standing in for his meagre pension, so that fits with John. I don’t really identify with jealous!John or trash!John, but boy oh boy do I love them! Also, I read John as bisexual and biromantic but with more frequent hetero-relationships, which is how I identify, though unlike John I’m very open about my sexuality. I don’t know if I’m up to three continents, but I am quite the flirt. I too have the adrenaline daredevil streak, though that’s both a Sherlock and John characteristic. I don’t own a gun, but I have shot one! As a pacifist, it was a conflicting experience, but I can’t deny the rush I felt. Since my icon is BAMF!John, I’ll go with John to your Sherlock in this online dating sim.

Okay, next question: ideal date? It can be daytime, nighttime, first date, established relationship, favourite hangout, exotic locale…sky’s the limit! Just specify the context when you describe it, and paint a picture of your dream date with a special somebody. Or somebodies, if that’s how you swing.

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Haii! c: I'm a bit confused.. In your 2# sim base you said you won't post the sliders.. i reaaally need them though ;-; so is there a way i could get to them? sorry I'm so annoying and stupid >.<

Hey Nonny ~! Don’t worry, that’s what I’m here for! I just didn’t want to include them in the download since that’s not allowed. But I’ll look them up for you know and link them below c: (gladly I don’t use toooo many sliders so it won’t be too much for you to download)

That should be about it :) If you still have some troubles with my sim base, don’t hesitate to ask me ~ 

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Hello! I'm really sorry to bother you but I needed some help... I was looking for some painting replacement for the sketchbook, I needed to change the sketches for the story I am trying to make. But it seems like there is no mod for it out there... Do you have any idea how can I make it? Sorry, again... xx

Lets see if I can help.

First off, you’ll need to open up the game file with s3pe and extracted the right _IMG file.

How to find them I have sims installed through Origin. Yours may look different.

Computer: Os:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 3 University Life\GameData\Shared\Packages


open that up with s3pe and look under _IMG Tag. 

You’ll sooner or latter find one painting for the sketchbook. 

Simple right click the _IMG and hit Export to File, save under a folder and then edited it in gimp/ Photoshop or which ever program you use. Make sure you don’t have duplicates when you open it up in either program. You can always deleted the duplicates. Then save the image over the original file. You’ll have successfully created a default replacement.

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what's your height?

ik this is for sim but imma answer first I’m like somewhere in between 5'3 and 5'4- Liz

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hey sim, this really is a lot to ask but like the thing is, i have literally been trying to exercise and be healthy for 2 years but i always go off track, do you know any inspirational quotes or websites that can keep me motivated? i remember you were saying treat your body like a temple and stuff like that and it really helped, so yeah if you have any quotes or websites please post some. thanks so much <3

First of all let me tell you I know exactly how you feel. For maybe around the same time, I had the exact same problem and even a lot of the time just refused to exercise at all (even walking distances to shops and things like that, ridiculous i know). It got extremely bad and I paid the price, I lost a significant amount of my body muscle, which brought down my self confidence and left me pretty weak if I needed to do anything. If I ever went to a doctor the one thing that would always be noticed is that I should do more exercise (well frankly any exercise), but of course I did nothing, apart from the occasional “that’s it, I’m getting my shit together” that would last not even a week. So understand that even though I was being told by a medical professional to exercise (a.k.a. something most people would find forced them to feel motivated) I still did nothing. HOWEVER, NOW I really thoroughly enjoy exercise, I am consistent with it and fit it in wherever I can! Unfortunately, there is no secret potion, everyone is different. But, what I think you need to do, is find out what your niche is and find out things that don’t necessarily ‘motivate’ you to exercise, but incorporate components you enjoy into exercise. 

  • For example, my best friend who lives nearby always asks me to go for a walk, I may not be in the mood or want to walk particularly, but I love to be with my friend and talk to her so I go. 
  • I use to go to boxing classes - I would in my head often make up excuses not to go, but I’d push myself because I knew after the classes I felt amazing. My brother also started to come which made it a good way to spend time with him, again pushing me to go
  • As most people know, I am cheesily in love and obsessed with nature, so for me long walks or even runs (a rare form of exercise that tends to be associated with an extremely solid dubstep song) in nature are something that I really enjoy and want to do. 
  • I also sometimes make my exercise have a purpose, which really helps me get out and do it. For example, walking to the shops to pick up groceries is something I do often. If I’m particularly in the mood I love to walk to the farmers markets, pick up a box of fresh produced and carry it all the way home!

And so on. What I really want you to also know is that it may not just come to you. It has taken me a long time to get into exercise again, but you may have to push yourself and you know what? Once you get use to it all and figure out what works best for you, you enjoy and you don’t have to push yourself anymore. So find the components that can help you get out there move. Don’t look for stereotypical ‘inspirations’ and ‘motivators’, it is about what inspires you and makes you want to get out there. Personally, I don’t really focus on my body, exercise is something that mentally makes me feel fantastic and is so important in keeping us sane and relaxed. I hope this helps in some way, feel free to message me again and keep positive and optimistic! Much love xx