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Yesterday, we pulled off something so unique and special. Matt Selman (Simpsons writer since 1997) and I co-hosted a Simpsons marathon live video feed. For eight hours and twenty six minutes we watched Simpsons episodes during the FXX marathon and talked about everything Simpsons. Throughout the thirty two guests that showed up, we hear never before told stories, songs, jokes, characters, everything. If you are a Simpsons fan, this will be an enormous treat. You get behind the scenes insight on everything. There is so much awesome in this eight hour YouTube clip which i had no idea was being saved. If you want to watch along with the TV, the Livestream started somewhere during Deep Space Homer.

Here’s the guest list rundown.

0:00:00- We have no idea we are being recorded yet w/ Josh Dove

0:06:41- Hosts Matt Selman (Simpsons writer) and Ben Schwartz (me)

0:16:45- Narf (Neil Campbell)- Famous Simpsons Bootlegger

0:49:00- Prof. James Bringum (Todd Fasen)- Only likes the Harvard jokes

1:04:24- Bonnie Pietila- Casting Director/producer since Tracey Ullman

1:27:19- Josh Weinstein- Writer seasons 4-8/Showrunner seasons 7-8

2:16:25- Adam Pally (Mindy Project), Gil Ozeri (Brooklyn 99)- Fans

2:16:30- Kendall (Alex Fernie)- Conspiracy theorist

2:51:00- Jesse Stern (Writer for COD:Modern Warfare  & Titanfall) -Fan

3:41:25- Allie Goertz- Sings Simpsons songs she wrote

3:49:35 - Joel Cohen and his daughter- Simpsons writer since 2001

4:05:27- Stonecutters LA- LA based Simpsons Trivia group

4:14:45- Patrick Cassels (CollegeHumor)- Fan

4:18:30- Allie sings her Milhouse Song

4:24:20- Michael Price- Simpsons writer since 2002

4:51:30- Scott Aukerman (Comedy Bang Bang Host, Mr. Show)- Fan

5:02:00- Mike Scully- Simpsons writer since 1993/Showrunner season 9-12

5:30:50- Jon Kern- Simpsons writer since 2012

5:45:30 - Nelson Franklin (The Millers)- Fan

5:51:20- Joshua Taback- Simpsons character layout artist

5:54:40- Shaun Cashman- Simpsons director/character layout artist

6:34:20- Kevin Porter (Photographer)- Fan

6:39:00- Carolyn Omine- Simpsons writer since 1998

6:45:30- Tim Long- Simpsons writer since 1998

7:33:00- Jeff Westbrook- Simpsons writer since 2005

7:34:25- Razzle (Comedian)- Fan

7:35:30- Greg Tuculescu (Actor/Comedian)- Fan

7:42:23- Joe Clabby- Al Jean’s assistant since 2011

8:26:32- El Fin

An enormous thank you to Matt Selman for co-hosting and putting this together with me, to all of the amazing guests for coming on, to Kevin Porter for taking photos for over eight hours, to Josh Dove, Andrew Mallonee and Derrick for helping out, a HUGE thank you to Jesse Hara and Haven for supplying us with food, a computer and a room to pull this whole thing off and the biggest thanks of all to The Simpsons for meaning so much to so many for the past twenty five years.

Watch the FULL VIDEO streaming above or by CLICKING HERE


The 15 episodes of ‘The Simpsons’ you must watch during the 12-day marathon

The legendary series will make history once again Thursday when FXX will start an epic 12-day marathon of every Simpsons episode. That includes every “D’oh!” Duff and “Aye, caramba” from the 552-episode run.

Not many people have 12 solid days to spare, so here’s a list of the 15 essential and memorable episodes you can’t miss during the embiggen’d marathon.

The one ‘Treehouse of Horror’ you should watch | Follow micdotcom

Woo-hoo! All 552 'Simpsons' Episodes to Air Consecutively on FXX


The marathon begins in late August and runs through Labor Day

By Kory Grow

April 9, 2014 5:35 PM ET

Television network FXX will air all 552 episodes of The Simpsons consecutively in an 12-day marathon this summer. The pilot will kick things off on August 21st, with episodes continuing into Labor Day (September 1st) according to The Associated Press.

The Simpsons Are Killing Off a Major Character; See Who We Think Should Make Their Last Exit from Springfield

The marathon coincides with the network’s recent licensing of the series, which cost FXX an estimated $500 million last year. Every episode of the series will also be available for streaming via the FXNow app in August, and FXX intends to show four hours of Simpsons episodes every Sunday this fall, leading up to the long-running series’ 26th season premiere.

Even after 25 years, the producers of The Simpsons have managed to find ways to keep things interesting on the show. For one thing, they intend to kill off a major character. “We are doing this story for the same reason we do all others – we think it has a good emotional through-line,” executive producer Al Jean said in October. “The story will be produced this year, though it may air in Season 26.”

Additionally, they’ve looked to the past to bring fresh ideas to their current seasons. Next season, it will air an episode written by Judd Apatow – two decades ago. At the time, he had written scripts that he had pitched to The Simpsons and Fox’s Chris Elliott vehicle Get a Life. “I sent them all around town and I did not get a job from anybody,” he said in January. “I got a meeting at Get a Life and didn’t get a job there either. But I heard that they liked it at The Simpsons.” Jean later hired him to work on the cartoon The Critic. Now his Simpsons script – about a hypnotist convincing Homer that he is a 10-year-old – is under production.

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In honor of the “The Simpsons” marathon, we bring you (almost) every “doh!” Ever.


Ay, caramba!

Uproxx has the complete schedule of every episode of FXX’s ‘The Simpsons’ Marathon.

The marathon lasts 12 days and starts at 9 a.m. Central Time on Thursday, Aug. 21. It ends on Monday, Sept. 1, which just so happens to be Labor Day, at 10:59 p.m. Central Time.

Who needs the Quickie Mart?

During that glorious butt-numbing, couch-indenting time you’ll see 552 episodes and one feature-length movie. The writer, Ashley Burns*, is very clear when she writes “DO NOT ATTEMPT TO WATCH EVERY EPISODE!!!” although she recognizes that people will still try.

*Wait, wait, wait … the last name of the person who wrote this is Burns? Excellent. 

Now if you’ll excuse me, you people have stood in my way long enough. I’m going to clown college.

Some Simpsons Love


I am a completely unapologetic all things, Simpsons fan, have been since the Tracy Ullman Show shorts (ugh what a hipster sentence). There’s just something about this show that makes me feel all warm inside. There’s a familiarity to them, Christ they’ve been around for over 25 years. I find so oddly comforting. Unfortunately, Christina doesn’t share my love for the citizens of Springfield, but whenever she watches it with me, she likes it. I submit she’s fan, but just won’t admit it.

Starting yesterday, FXX is airing all 552 episodes, marathon style, over 12 days. Whose ever idea that was, deserves an attaboy/attagirl because its damn genius.


One of the most awkward animation moments in the history of The Simpsons: the weirdly inhuman way that one photographer’s jaw drops.