I’ve got my things I’m good to go, you met me at the terminal just one more plane ride and it’s done. We stood like statues at the gate, vacations come and gone to late, theres so much sun where I’m from, had to give it away, had to give you away…

#Repost @bummblebee7 —-💛 Heat damage? What’s that? 😳
Top photo: 2008 bottom pic: 2014 I had no idea how damaged my hair was back then because of all the constant relaxers, flat irons and hair dyes. I thought that’s what my natural curl pattern looked like! So I sure was surprised when I decided to bigchop in 2012 and I saw these frizzy tiny curls and no idea how to take care of them. But u live and u learn. 😁 I love how healthy and big my hair is now. Have patience ladies,It may take time to find the right regime and products that work for u but you will get there 😉
You can see my full hair story on my YouTube channel www.youtube.com/simplybiancaalexa
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How to Finger Detangle Natural Hair

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A quick and simple wash & go routine for great curl definition without the use of gels.  



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How To: Finger Detangle & Dust your Ends | Tutorial for Curly Hair

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Highlights on natural hair- SimplyBiancaAlexa

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