Elevate your thoughts & emotions; hold your head high and direct your eyes to the sky. Our body posture can signify our mental state, for example, if we constantly cross our arms across our chest, it is likely that we feel a need to protect ourselves from the outside world (when there’s really no need; we’re all strong and capable of immense Love), or if we look to the ground often it could signify that we worry or have a sad disposition.
Because we are intelligent, thinking creatures, we have the ability to choose how we carry ourselves through our Life experience, as difficult as it may be to do, but anything is possible with enough self discipline.
The more we focus on healing ourselves through eating well, exercising, meditating, and generally trading our ‘negative’ habits for more ‘positive’ ones, the less energy in ourselves we end up wasting; our thoughts do match our state of health and so if we feel tired often or angry, it is likely that we are holding onto heavy/dense/’negative’ thoughts (thoughts that weigh & slow us down).

We must learn to trust more, forgive more, & enjoy who we are more, and be less pessimistic, do less of what hurts ourselves & others, and just keep a check on our thoughts to keep ourselves rising towards our constantly improving selves.

Slow down, breathe, release any tension in your body as you become aware of it, and just ‘be’.

Mucho-mucho Love everyone!