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It’s Art 338, 5 credits, and completely worth it (: It may be the last quarter its offered though, because it’s switching over to a core class… And yeah, I love Gretchen (: She is the sweetest.

Oh whoa! How did you get into such a high level? :O It might be required for me to take it if it’s a core then. Gretchen is nice but she was too easy for our design and color class. >< Idk, I’m used to harsh constructive criticism.


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315 - where beasts are tamed daily 315 - where jokes and puns are tearable 315 - …. give me more time. I’ll think of more (;

Can we write a song about our room please?

Three-fifteen: Where beasts are tamed daily. 

315: We almost asked if we could get a baby… 

315: Our jokes and pun are tearable.

315: and our sweaters are wearable!

We believe in you, 

and in pizza too. 

Adam Peterson is our king.

We’re all crazy here, 

but don’t you fear, 

there’s lots of love for you in 315. 

…Hold up I need to sing this outloud.

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My name is Courtney I have Gretchen this quarter, and I had her last quarter for drawing. And yeah!! I’m super excited, I think it’s going to be amazing. I’m a digital design major. Are you a studio art major?

Oh do you like her? I had Karlson for drawing. Now I have Guerrero. He’s awesome. How many credits is the calligraphy class? Whats the course/level? I really want to take it. xD I am a studio art major! 

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Yep (: I’m a freshman I took drawing last quarter too, but I chose calligraphy and design and color. We’ll see how blick goes today… I’ll probably cry.

Oh what’s your name!?I took design and color my first quarter with Gretchen. Did you have Kasumi? I didn’t know they had a calligraphy class. How is that? Are you a studio art major?

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I feel your pain. I thought it was a good idea to take 2 studio art classes this quarter…

Oh gosh! Thankfully I took a drawing class last quarter so I have half of the supplies. I spent 50 bucks with student discount. But if I had bought all the supplies on the list it would be over 100. ><

Do you go to Seattle University too?!?! 


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FORGET THE PEOPLE. A month is a freaking long time.. I feel like I have too much, but then I give myself this pep talk ^^

Haha, thank you. I will have to keep reminding myself of this as I walk in the building with an over stuffed dufflebag, an over flowing backpack, a bulging “carry on”, a box of art supplies, a handfull of canvases I’m going to try and sell on etsy, several canvas boxes that I’m going to paint, and a large gift bag containing a quit that my grandma made to fit the dorm beds.

Oh god I haven’t even thought about where I’m putting the tardis bathrobe…