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The scene I set up yesterday and lost is proving more complicated to work around than I thought so I need time to get it right. Instead I offer you a very experimental, non-canon semi-spoiler from Miasma’s love story.

I love this simmy by simmadmeg and I can’t wait to begin it. 

anonymous asked:

What's your least favorite episode of Season 1, 2, and all together of MMFD?

Ohhh, this is a great question!!

I absolutely love, love, love season 1. I can’t choose an episode I didn’t like because I honestly love it so much.

I don’t feel the same about season 2 tho… I mean, I don’t want to say I hated it, because it’s not true, but it was so hard!, just overall so emotionally draining to the point of making me not want to go out/hang out with friends/eat for days after watching certain episodes… 

I only liked episodes 1 & 4, and then bits from other episodes. 

Ep. 2, I liked it, but I just hated that she had to go to college and put up with those people, Simmy and Maca making fun of her and Archie laughing with them and then breaking up with Finn, and how much it hurt her to do it because he was the man of her dreams.

Ep. 3 I loved her progress, it was the best thing about it, Rae standing up to Stacey and Chloe too. Loved those two.

Ep. 5 & 6 I hated them, hated everything about them, I hated Liam, I hated Saul, I hated Ian and his gang of wankers, I hated what happened with Linda and Chloe, I hated Victor, I hated Kester, everything was wrong!

The gang falling apart, Finn off to Leeds, Chlo missing, Rae not being Rae. Just not good… I can’t explain the pain I felt, I swear I was a zombie those 2 weeks.

Ep. 7 the only good thing is that the ending was perfect, yeah, some things  were missing (like Rae and Finn talking about everything that happened), but the ending was good, I wasn’t happy about it at first because I felt like more things needed to happen, but I grew to love it.

Leaving the ending aside, I feel about ep 7 the same way I feel about eps 5 & 6.

I know the show deals with mental illness and it’s not gonna be pretty and funny all the time, and that’s one of the reasons why I love this show so much, because it’s real, but I really, really couldn’t understand why everything had to get so bad before it got better.

I’m not lying, I’d wake up every single Monday feeling nauseous and not being able to eat, or do anything productive… I would just rewatch the episodes and stay up til very late and go to work the next day looking like shit.

I’m actually super excited for season 3, because I KNOW I won’t spend 3 weeks crying my eyes out. I’m 97% sure it’s gonna be happy times more than anything, at least that’s what I’m hoping!!!