Smirkeh’s 200-300 Follower Gift Part 2 of 2: Kaylee Forrest

Shy | Clumsy | Gatherer | Family Oriented | Good Sense of Humor

Favorites: Hamburgers | Pop | Blue

Her current life time wish is to be surrounded by family. 

CC used on Kaylee: 

Makeup Used: Lips | Eyeliner | Eyeshadow

Skin: Here (not 100% sure if this is the right one, if not let me know)

Hairs: Here | Here | Here

I do have default replacement eyes used on her, if you would like you can find those here they are the starry night version. 

Expansion Packs Used: 

Late Night




Stuff Packs Used:

Diesel Stuff

Before downloading her, please remember if you use her give credit. Also if you do download her tag her name in the post I’d love to see what’s she’s been up to in your guys game! 



Caleb Troy Anthony 

Here is Caleb as Promised for my 50 followers gift. I’ve created him in a large thank you for following me and making my first week here on Tumblr pretty damn awesome <3

Traits Rolled: Eccentric | Flirty | Inappropriate | Kleptomaniac | Lucky 

Favorites Rolled:  Peanut Butter and Jelly | Pop | Green

Lifetime Wish: Master Magician 

I do plan on getting more pictures of him in his Magician roll. All I can say is that he’s sooo adorable as one. 

CC to make Caleb who he is: 

Hair | Skin (sunny version) | Eye Replacements | Facial Hair | Eyebrows 

Restrictions of use for Caleb are please do not claim him as your own. I don’t care if you change anything on him, but I would love credit if you use him in anything. 

Take Caleb Home? 


For the lovely Anon and their kind words <3 I’ve uploaded Kaylee completely CC free. Not a stitch of CC on her, as I don’t use default skins and such. So I do hope she works for you this time around! 

Of course the above photos, aren’t her CC free version, BUT I didn’t have time to grab actual shots of her having no CC, there is mostly base game usage and LN EP used as well! 



Random Follower Gift ~ Cory Silvas

So I know I haven’t provided anything as of late and I ‘was’ working on a pose pack then my mouse kinda broke ._. so I’ve opted into uploading one of my most recent creations for you guys ^.^ So I do hope you enjoy him. Below is a list of CC used on him.

Skin | Eyebrows | Facial Hair (DEFAULT) | Eyes N56 (DEFAULT *contacts are provided as well* ) 

Of course the standard and well known rule for any simmer goes when downloading my sims (like anyone else) . Please do not claim him as your own! I don’t care if you change his hair, clothes, name, and such but don’t mess with his genetics please! And give credit where is needed as well would be appreciated. Thank you ~ <3

DOWNLOAD ~ Mediafire