Dean and Cas Simchester are aging again soon and their 6 children are all teens/adults and I’ve realized that not only do I get overly emotional about the lives of fictional characters but also the lives of sims made to mimic those fictional characters. Oh my.

For those asking - MPREG directions for SIMS 2.

DIRECTIONS ON HOW TO MAKE MPREG A REALITY IN YOUR SIM LIFE.(With two sims of the same gender and not just the creepy alien baby option.)


type it exactly as I put it above

Go to the house of whatever family you want to inflict the mpreg on

Select the victim 

SHIFT click on victim 

You will see a different kind of menu come up. Select SPAWN and then TOMBSTONE OF LIFE AND DEATH or something very similar to that. It might say L & D. idk.

A headstone will appear close by. Select that, still using the sim you want preggers, and find the “genentic merger with” option. Once you select that it will give you choices of all the people in the household you can genentically merge this sim with, including itself. Choose the other Daddy. 

You will hear the noise that plays when a female sim gets pregnant after woohoo.

The deed is done. Your sim is now pregnant. He will grow his first baby bump in 1 sim day and change into hideous maternity wear. 


Warning: You should turn the cheat off once you’re done with this. It has it’s many benefits but overusing it can fuck your game up a bit. Just go back to the neighborhood view and type it in again only with FALSE instead of TRUE. 

anonymous said:

Are you going to make wincest sims?

I’m pretty conflicted about that. Because there is no incest hack that I can find for the sims and so I would have to make them not brothers to make them lovers. And I would feel so dirty doing that because before everything else, Sam and Dean are brothers. So for now my Sam and Dean Simchesters will remain extremely close and stick to the family kisses. 

I have Jensen and Jared sims though. :D