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NCR: Audrey Hepburn > What Would Audrey Do?

May 4,1929 was the day Audrey Hepburn was born. She would have been 85 years old. She was born in Brussels, lived in London before moving to Hollywood to become the iconic film star we know her to be. Initially a dancer then actress and lastly a humanitarian, her legacy lives on. Rarely has an actress continued to be so present day relevant as Audrey Hepburn is. Her onscreen style choices still dictate the fashion industry. Everything from lace eye coverings to hats, pearls and the LBD. And what is now the norm for actors to align with humanitarian efforts, it was Audrey Hepburn who was a pioneer for this movement.

On the eve of the annual Met Ball where actresses are paired with designers, it was Hubert de Givenchy that Audrey Hepburn developed a lifelong relationship with. Above is a sketch and the actual costume of one of his designs for her from Paris When It Sizzles. Of course we all know of the image from Breakfast At Tiffany’s. She didn’t flip flop when it came to style, instead opting to build and evolve with one designer. Near the end of her life when she was diagnosed with a rare form of stomach cancer and too weak to fly back to Switzerland, it was her friend Givenchy who arranged for a private jet via “Bunny”Mellon to take her back home to Geneva to be with her family, where she passed away on June 20, 1993 at home.

I recall where I was and what was happening in my life that day. It was a friend’s birthday and I was somehow tasked with arranging the large dinner party for family & friends at an Italian restaurant. It was the spirit of Audrey Hepburn that influenced my choice in his birthday gift. The thought “What Would Audrey Do?” (now a book!). I decided on a vintage pocket watch.

One question I am always asked is “whose your favourite celebrity?” I don’t have one. After years of working with celebrities I realised they are only such when it comes to other - the public or their fans in extreme settings. Otherwise they are … like the rest of us - human. But if I had to go for an extended lunch with a celebrity I admired on multiple levels, Audrey Hepburn would top that list. She seemed to be comfortable as a flawed human, sharing of herself with grace and seemingly negotiated the ups and downs of stardom with an elegance and humanity that is rare these days. Her beauty seemed to literally shine from the inside out of her face. She was also, like me, an introvert.

Beyond her mind blowing & awe inspiring style choices and quirky roles in Charade, Sabrina and My Fair Lady, it was her work as a global ambassador to UNICEF that had the most impact on me. Seeing photos of her with children and the way a woman with a traumatic childhood of her own could commit to helping young people in countries ravaged by famine and war is how I ultimately remember her, not standing in the window of Tiffany’s the morning after the night before. She was one of those rare stars that we got to see age, naturally & gracefully. 

The Guardian wrote a wonderful article about her today and here is the link. I hope you enjoy! ~ Sima

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NCR: Root Canal > Who Am I ? 

Theoretically the past is in the past. It’s over. There is only the present moment. Certainly there is more than a modicum of truth in those statements, and yet, in the most practical of ways, we are the product of our history. Our politics, religions, countries, wars, familial relationships, cultural issues, personal belief systems… Everything really, exists as it does in its current form as a culmination of everything that has preceded it. 

Upon turning thirty I, in the most predictable of thirty-year-old things to do, started to question who I was. This misleadingly simple query is also one I have been wrestling with in a very exhilarating and at times befuddling life-long MMA match with myself. (Sima also informs me that this question happens to be the base question of an entire branch of yoga called Jnana Yoga. Go look it up!) 

So, early last year I was propelled to leap down the rabbit hole of my late maternal grandmother’s family history. Which happens to be absolutely fascinating. My grandmother was born in Jamaica of mixed descent. Her grandfather had come from China to work the Panama Canal. Her grandmother a woman of mixed heritage, was the daughter of a Scottish estate owner and an African slave. At least this is what I have been able to grasp from the data that is available. 

This article is not intended as a dissertation on my family history or the history of Jamaica itself, but more as a statement about how this quest has lead me to an unexpectedly immense feeling of connectedness. Not only is there the aspect of seeing the intricacies of my own personal history, but there is the seemingly inevitable recognition of my “family” being so much more than the immediacy of blood. Meaning, the deeper I fall into history the more I see our common roots. And where I feel I had a sense of the truth of this before, the practice of study and research has personalized this understanding.

In forests, root systems link up beneath the surface of the earth. The trees that seem to stand so separate and distinct are in fact intimately linked. The more I dig into my roots, the more I settle into the truth that I am like that with you. We are the current living expression of humanity. And our history is shared. There is a solidity to that I never expected to feel. I am the result of not only my own choices, but the choices and actions of all those who came before me. Building an understanding of the past is helping me to grasp where I am in this present. Who am I? It seems that I don’t exist in isolation thrust into the present from the abyss (although that is a possibility) and if I choose to believe that I exist out of a shared history, then perhaps it is just as important to ask: who are we? ~Kristin

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NCR: Saturday Wisdom > Stillness Speaks

Peace within. Peace without. Make frequent stops at meditation station.

A few quiet days after a busy week of short but intense travel for work. It sometimes feels like what I imagine driving a recalcitrant army issue land rover would be. That jerking stop start motion of trying to negotiate unfamiliar terrain.

I had the recognition this week that the journey should be as pleasant as I imagine the destination to be. A new friend, Anil, recently said these words while telling a formidable story "do it as you intend it to be!" I realized it’s up to me to make it so. To ask for what I want instead of taking on more of what I don’t want. What is pleasant to me? Working with humility & grace with a major dose of fun. Working alongside people I like & admire and can consistently build a bond of trust.  A team I can both lead & learn from. To be a student - always. Are “AMAZING OPPORTUNITIES” really that amazing if they don’t align with my values & support me in building community from a place of loving kindness vs. popular culture and personal popularity?

Celebrity culture is out of control in many areas of life. I see this from my career in the fashion & entertainment industry to philanthropy & activism to street style to Instagram & Twitter feeds. There is an element of this current trend that breeds ego which really does kill talent. When people are striving to be famous to feed an inner deficiency instead of ambassadors of love, kindness & happiness, art, culture, humanitarian issues and wellness working to illuminate a path that is a healthier option for peace & happiness. More & more I see how almost everything is a distraction from keeping us from our essence. Which for me is L O V E. All the games we play - this is NOT progress. It is a distraction and we are asleep at the wheel of life. My goal is to wake up. Not to check into a “better” hotel & fall asleep in a different bed thinking I’ve evolved. Not to ride around in flashier cars with more gadgets wearing the it  bag, hat, coat, dress, shoe … thinking I’ve earned these upgrades because I’m “better than”. All of life is a breath - and as Swamij Santhi taught me - between these breaths there is a gap “slip into the gap”. That is the place of peace. What would happen if we simply stopped? And went inside? All the answers are within you. I truly believe this. All we have to do is commit to being fearless explorers and …  mind the gap. ~ Sima


NCR: Sima + Kristin > Creative Collaboration > Behind the Scenes

Last fall when Kristin was entering a chilly winter in Toronto filming the first season of Beauty and the Beast, I was also  there working on projects. It was during this time I decided to produce and creative direct a shoot.  It’s very difficult to fill the demand of photo requests for clients while they are in season shooting. What a lot of people don’t understand is actors on a series work Monday - Friday and VERY LONG HOURS. This isn’t a 9-5 job. Often times requests come in for shoots which  can only happen on a weekend when the lead character has days off. This obliterates much needed days for rest, replenish and learning lines for Monday! 

Our idea was to produce a shoot and work with people we like. Both of us believe in the Aristotle quote “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”  This meant calling on photographer Dexter Quinto, who we’ve worked with twice before (Street Fighter promo shots and Shape magazine respectively). Dexter has a wonderful energy, is very talented (we both love his clean yet warm aesthetic) and most importantly, Kristin and I value his willingness to collaborate. He doesn’t dictate the look of a shoot but rather respects and welcomes the ideas of the collective. I then brought in Charise Mariel Garcia, founder of kaeru communications, a public relations firm in Toronto. Charise and I first met via FAX (YES! IT’S TRUE!) while she was an intern at Fashion Magazine and I was styling shoots sending in designer requests. She was the woman doing whatever needed to be done to help make things happen. She’s a seasoned professional in the world of fashion, worn many different hats and is a driven and focused young businesswoman. Charise represents some amazing talent and provided a lot of the clothing and accessories for our Audrey shoot. Her clients are as warm and gracious as she is. Featured is Valentine K, Niki and Lola, Ela handbags, Kay Tran Eyewear. Other collaborators who have become part of our east coast fashion family are Greta Constantine, Triarchy denim, Ka’kia, RAC Boutique and artist Elke Hechler, whose hand made necklace is featured on the cover shot. Shoots for us isn’t just about “free stuff”. We like to collaborate & curate with talent who we have shared values with in quality & design. Our goal is to be authentic in the images we are creating so they are extension of the person vs. fabricating a persona. This shoot beautifully captures the many sides of Kristin’s personality. It was also this shoot that I met Eman, our gorgeous Egyptian hair and makeup artist. She was able to pull off all my specific requests which such detail and precision. There were a lot of different set ups and change of styles and not one felt like a compromise. 

Here is a behind the scenes video showcasing what goes into the process of making a shoot happen and how it can be fun and easy when all the moving parts come together like a ballet or symphony. Tomorrow we’ll post the cover photo and the full interview. Our goal in sharing is to showcase our love of creative collaboration and let our readers and fans in behind the scenes to share the organic nature of how Kristin and I have grown as artists and friends and why we collectively want to share our vision and expressions with you. We both hope you enjoy! ~ Sima

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NCR: Yoga > Monday Mantra > Soham or Hamsa (I am)

The mantra of soham or hamsa means I am. My individual self is the same as my Universal self. There is no differentiation. So if you are the universe and I am the universe why are we all so petrified of being rejected? What I do to you I do to me. How I love you is how I love me. How I harm you is how I harm me.

What is your relationship with rejection? How does it impact your life? I know for artists - especially actors - rejection is part of the process. Auditions are a direct experience of this. I’m not an actor so I can’t speak to this. But what I can share how I sit in on auditions with producers & directors. An actor walks in to deliver lines to sell a product and before they have hit their mark to begin, they are out of the running. Why? Because I’ve been hired to “keep it real”. What does this mean? It means if a girl walks in and she’s been a model and is too pretty then she won’t get the job. She’s not “real” enough. People don’t want to be sold shower gel from someone “too pretty”. She’s been rejected before she began. Or, she began from the moment she walked in. Nothing personal - yet so many of us take it … well… personally!

We all experience rejection. I’ve experienced it in love in the form of wanting to be with someone who chose not to be with me. Friendship - offering my style of friendship to someone who didn’t want that style of friendship. Work - applying for jobs that went to other people. Rejection is everywhere. In fact it happens on a daily basis. 

I love the above quote. Is there anything more intimate & intense than showing someone the sun in your bones and them rejecting you? Has this ever happened to you? It has to me. What do we make rejection mean about ourself? I used to make it mean I wasn’t good enough. Now I see it as as a friend. A really good friend that shows me the truth of how to align with people who are part of my tribe and live in the way I live & those who are lovely but live in a very different way. I also make it mean that I’m pretty rad for having the guts to expose the truth of me to another human being. Once I release my expectation to be accepted - and only exposing parts of me if they were guaranteed to be accepted (I understand the impossibility of this and understand such a formula doesn’t exist but you have no idea how much it makes sense in my head sometimes!!!) - I am free to be me.

How does this happen? Some people say “it’s because you’re older”. This makes sense only if you’re younger and personally I don’t believe age has anything to do with it. I have many friends in their late 30’s and early to mid 40’s who are still tortured by rejection. It happens by choosing reality. Reality is where the magic happens. It’s where experience integrates into something  beautiful: acceptance & wisdom. If I keep running from any person or situation or opportunity because he or she or it may lead to rejection I am literally choosing to be a prisoner in my own life. Set yourself free. Fly. You may be wobbly you may crash - often. But fly. It’s worth it. ~ Sima

“You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?” ~ Rumi.