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Ashlyn Cramer                                                                                                     Hair- Miss Paraply- Alesso Slowly                                                                        Skin- imadako_S4 face mask 1                                                                            Mouth- Jennisims largest bubblegum                                                                Pose-  simtailored model pose #3                                                                        Shirt-  CutiePieSabri tumblr inspired crop tops                                                    Skirt-  High waisted skater by Holosprite                                                            Shoes-  Madlen Novara Sandals  

Remember when downloading Miss paraplys hair make sure your game is not in laptop mode or it will cause problems with the game

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anonymous asked:

Can I ask you for some awesome SIM meta about what inverted!Tony's characterization means about normal!Tony? Meta that completely ignores Taylor's interview bs? *begs*

IDK there’s not much I have to say about this? D: Also I’m not super interested in opening myself up to the shitstorm that is blogging about modern comics especially something like SiM…

I mean, one thing I noticed before that made me laugh was the narration box in Mighty Avengers about inverted Tony:

which basically confirms that non-inverted Tony lives his life DRENCHED in guilt. Which delights me (hey I’m Catholic what can I say).

Uuuummm… I mean, SiM just shows Tony is a good guy? You know. Normally. I also think it shows he’s SUPER BAD at being a bad guy. Just based off stuff like how he treats Happy’s kid and whatnot.

Also he’s canonically bisexual because “inverted morality” doesn’t mean “suddenly bi” and yet:

^Tony’s boning dudes. In his bed. Also ladies but ALSO DUDES.

So you know nice. Score. More evidence for bi!Tony. 

Uuummmm what else. Sorry terrible meta but like I said not a ton I really have to say on this… uh SiM Tony is just like. I mean, he’s almost like drunk Tony, ie uninhibited and guilt free. Oh, and SUPER willing to indulge his massive control fucking fetish without checking it like I’m sure Tony always is. Like with the Extremis app tHING, we see SiM Tony basically going all Emperor Stark on the world. All those plans and skills and, let’s be honest, DESIRES to just FUCKING FIX EVERYTHING, EVERYONE SIT DOWN, SHUT UP, I’M GOING TO FIX YOU, is in regular!Tony’s head all the time. He just doesn’t ACT on that SCREAMING NEED TO FIX EVERYTHING (whether you want him to or not) because, you know. Morals and free will and all that. A lot of Tony’s lowest points canonically have been him giving into that screaming voice to assert control and FIX, even when it was unwanted: Armor Wars, the Cap & IM ‘98 annual, Civil War, Hickmanvengers, &c. And, funnily enough, those were the EXACT TIMES that brought him into conflict with Steve, AKA 99-times-out-of-100 Marvel universe’s go-to “this is the correct morality, guys” guy. AKA “no stop people have free will” guy.

SIM!Tony is just as smart as regular!Tony, but a lot less willing to give any shits about people’s free will/free choice. And SIM!Tony and regular!Tony obviously both share pathological needs to control everything, and pathological fears of just… letting things GO.

Man, AA must be fucking hell for Tony. Prayer of Serenity? Fuck that shit. It’s incredible that regular!Tony actually manages to live like that/live by that. Or at least try. I guess SIM!Tony actually goes to show exactly how MUCH of a good person regular!Tony is. Because SIM!Tony didn’t invert Tony’s a.) intellect, b.) compulsions/control issues, c.) basic desires. What SIM did was reverse MORALITY. Clearly Tony’s morality is what keeps him from doing… exactly what he does in SIM. Except normal!Tony would have done something like ACTUALLY given away Extremis for free. To the whole world. And then fired up the dyson sphere and strapped himself in and kept any aliens ever from hurting earth ever again. Because this is the shit that Tony fantasizes about at night, but won’t let himself do, because free will and all that shit. People gotta make their own choices, blah blah blah, ALRIGHT STEVE I GET IT I WON’T FIX THE WORLD DAMN IT. So yeah, inverted Tony let him actually do those things. And did them for selfish reasons like spreading chaos, making slaves, and making money, because, again: evil.

Okay so there I think that’s a. Kinda worthwhile meta? Little bit??? D: I got there eventually? Hahaa anyway yeah sorry that’s about all I can think to say on this.

….canonically bisexual, people. CANONICALLY. okay i’m out.


                                          ASTRA NOIRE ; download [cc list & tray files]

a sim request from emsccfinds- she wanted a female alien-hybrid with elf ears, all black eyes and blue skin. with either a bright outfit or hair. and lots of blush. I hope you like her! :D

use her however you like! If you use, I’d love to see what you do with her, so feel free to tag me! :D


                                                            YOON BORA inspired sim

well, I don’t think she came out looking like the beautiful Bora at all…but she’s cute, so I figured I’d post her anyways. I’ve never been good at making sims based off of people, but in ts4 it’s even harder! D: oh well.

Made for: TS4

Goths need summery stuff too! So here’s a set of 5 skull themed bodysuits all in black and white tones. The ribcage ones also feature the back view of the spine and pelvis in the back for some added creepiness x| 

  • Standalone
  • Custom thumbnail
  • 5 styles in 1 package
  • hq prints

( ◕‿‿◕ )Download here( ◕‿‿◕ )(wait 5 secs and click SKIP)

Hope you enjoy playing with these and I’d love to see them in use, so please, tag me if you feature them somewhere xx


Made for TS4

I love this mesh by shoukeir converted from ts2 to ts4 by WAMS and thought I should give it a go and recolor in various patterns I’ve collected over time. They have a glossy texture and, the light ones especially, don’t look very good with a lot of light in the room. (I’ll have to try and fix this in the future)

  • Standalone
  • 10 style swatches
  • Custom thumbnail
  • works with design tool
  • 650 polygons

( ◕‿‿◕ )Download here( ◕‿‿◕ )(wait 5 secs and click SKIP)

enjoy and happy simming!xx