Made for: TS4

A neutral bed set that includes a white wooden bed frame, 7 pillows and 6 patterned blankets. 

Search for “CallieVPlays” in build/buy mode to find all my cc.

Blankets and Pillows seem to work well with most base game beds.

  • Standalone
  • Meshes from ArtVitalex
  • Mix&Match 6 blankets and 7 pillows
  • Realistic fabric texture

( ◕‿‿◕ ) Download merged file here( ◕‿‿◕ )(wait 5 secs and click SKIP)

or separately - bed frame, pillows, blankets -

Hope you enjoy & happy simming!


Drox: I will make him something for eat.
Zojja: Perfect. So, tell me your name.
Man: Does it matter what my name is? It will not change anything.
Zojja: I don’t think so, You really should be courteous if You want to stay, I know that You’ve been a smuggler. Drox told me what he found besides You.
Man: What if I don’t want to?
Zojja: Sure, You can go to sleep to your spaceship. Oh wait, right. You destroyed it.
Man: …
Man: …
Man: …
Man:  A sarcastic Almarian, I feel honored. It’s Lorthan.
Zojja: Very well, Lorthan. Drox will give You some food, I have a work. Don’t try to steal anything.
Lorthan: Yes, sure.
Lorthan: I will try.


ISOLD(e) - Life on Earth

Day I. - 11:00 AM - Willow Creek 

Hello! My name is Isold(e) Melton. I came from corrupted lands of Sixam to learn more about sims for my project “Life on Earth”. To learn the most i thought that i will become a scientist (because on this planet it seems like you don’t even have to know how to talk and they will take you in). As a scientist i will see what are sims capable of and if they are better in technology. 

As i saw the first few hours i’ve been here, sims are very kind and goofy people. They are like clay creatures with not much detailed body structure and unrealistically happy mind. If you ask “Why are they not scared when you are a creepy alien?”. Oh you dummy! They don’t see me as an alien but as a hawt model. *sexy face*

But i think i did enough in this neighborhood. I should go to the town and make some scieeeeeeence! (o3o)


Building Challenge Week 7

Ahh ok so i missed a few of these over the past week or two, but I’m here now! So this weeks challenge was to make a Shotgun house. And I gotta say, I struggled with it. It was pretty challenging trying to do something interesting with the shape, so I focused the detail on the roofing and the deck.

I decorated the house for two new sims I made (who i will probably post in the next few days) so I kept the budget pretty low. I finally got a chance to use some new cc! None of the CC belongs to me, but if you want to know where I found anything, I’ll do my best to find it for you!

I’ll upload to the gallery soon, so stay tuned or follow me @ nerdyshoes :)