So I got really curious and “played with the genetics” of Adan blended with Keely. The bottom picture is what was created on the first blend.

All I did was add makeup; kept all sliders the same. Sure, she pretty much looks identical to Keely, but oh my god, it is the best sim my game has ever generated. EVEN THE CLOTHES ARE RANDOM AND ADORABLE.



Ok so here is gift one for simblrween she is a candy demon with horns of candy she is a little ditzy but she is still cute

I dunno if I will release her as she looks a little too much like sugarballoon's Elodie and I don't wanna get hate

Also I cannot release here until her skin goes public


400 Follower Gift Part Two

This is Adrienne Blanco. She was a EA made townie from Appaloosa Plains, whom I remade but want to give credit to EA as a base. She looks much better now. She is the high school sweetheart of Jayden Jacque. 

At first, she thought Jayden was just a nerd who really kept to herself and much different from the sporty type like herself. That was until she saw Jayden working out one day at school, surprised Adrienne. They stroke up conversation and now she’s her girlfriend. 

Adrienne loves to work out, can be an emotional wreck, loves family and making people laugh. She’s the opposite of Jayden, but that’s what works. 

Her traits: Good, Brave, Nurturing, Over-Emotional, Good Sense of Humor.


Default Skin // Eyes // Eyebrows  

Eyeliner  // Lips  // Everyday Hair // Sleep Hair 

Formal Hair  // Necklace  // Everyday Outfit  // Leggings? (no idea sorry) 

Shoes? (sorry!) // Formal Outfit // Sleepwear (its from tumblr I know that)


Poses provided by: Headshots by Howlysim  and Sleepy-genius (couldn’t find link sorry) 

Uploaded to box.net as a .sim file. Please let me know if doesn’t work. Give credit when needed please :) 



"Love Triangles Are For Squares" Part 1

Dejuan is sitting home on a Friday bored as usual.He was watching one of his favorite movies when suddenly he heard a knock at the door.

-Dejuan opens door-

Dejuan: Hey Jodi Jo, what’s up ?

Jodi: I heard you’re the man in town with the best loud, I wanna see what all the hype is about.

Dejuan: How much are you looking to get ?

Jodi: As much as 20 dollars will get me.

Dejuan: Alright, I got you.

-Dejuan walks back to his room and starts bagging up some weed for Jodi-

Jodi has been looking at Dejuan strange lately. He knows that Jodi is with Omar,

but it’s something about her he is attracted too.

As he brings her weed back and puts it in her hand, she gives him a look; saying thank you in a low tone.

He pulled her in and she didn’t deny him. Their lips met and the transaction turned into a long night.