A set consisting of a black fringed bralet and some black studded panties with a fringe detail on the hip. 

Could be used as underwear or a bikini.
Bralet can be found in Female Tops&Brassieres or Bikini and panties in Female Bottoms&Underwear or Bikini.

  • Standalones
  • Custom thumbs 
  • 1 Style
  • hq leather texture

( ◕‿‿◕ )Download here( ◕‿‿◕ )(wait 5 secs and click SKIP) 

Hope you enjoy! It was so much fun creating the details on these two!

Janie Joy

Genetics : Skin / Eyes / Eyebrows / Freckles / Skin Overlay / Face Detail

Makeup : Lipstick / Blush

Everyday : Top / Shoes / Scarf

Formal : Dress / Shoes

Workout : Shorts 

Sleep : Top / Bottom

Party : Top / Socks / Shoes / Scarf

Swim : One Piece / Nude Bottom


if there’s any issues, please let me know!

if you use Janie, make sure to tag me! I’d love to see her in your game!


WIP: Project Soul Fruit

OK, sorry I’m late with this post. I haven’t had much time to play sims lately because of upcoming exams so I’m quickly running out of screenshots D: This particular lot isn’t finished just yet and I’m still furnishing the interior of each of the houses.Each of the houses is decorated for different moods. The first one pictured is decorated for sad sims, the second for romantic sims, and the third for happy sims.

I still have a lot of landscaping and decorating to do, but it’s coming along!


☆★☆マグノリアプロムナードにあたらしく カフェオープンしました!☆★☆


☆★☆夜は 爆!笑! トークショー もやってます♪♪☆★☆



Made for: TS4

A neutral bed set that includes a white wooden bed frame, 7 pillows and 6 patterned blankets. 

Search for “CallieVPlays” in build/buy mode to find all my cc.

Blankets and Pillows seem to work well with most base game beds.

  • Standalone
  • Meshes from ArtVitalex
  • Mix&Match 6 blankets and 7 pillows
  • Realistic fabric texture

( ◕‿‿◕ ) Download merged file here( ◕‿‿◕ )(wait 5 secs and click SKIP)

or separately - bed frame, pillows, blankets -

Hope you enjoy & happy simming!

Rizzy Thrasher

Genetics : Skin / Hair / Eyes / Eyebrows / Eye Overlay / Face + Body Redness / Body Blush / Eye Bags

Makeup : Blush / Lipstick 

Accessories : Scarf / Septum Piercing

Everyday : Top / Bottom / Shoes

Formal : Dress / Shoes

Workout : Top + Bottom / Tights / Shoes

Sleep : Top / Bottom

Party : Top / Shoes / Socks

Swim : One-Piece


if there’s any issues please let me know!

if you use Rizzy, make sure to tag me! I’d love to see her in your game!