I have been meaning to do this for a while, but I must have been to lazy for it. Now, when there are tons of things I should do, I make one: a follow forever. It is hard to choose the blogs you love the most when you follow 742 (yep) people, but I’ve accepted the challenge. I’ll probably have forgotten a few, so sorry for that. But anyway: here it is. 

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Here is twenty minutes of Claire and I talking to you from the batcave. UNEDITED. UNREHEARSED. UNCUT.

We talk about how we got into Downton, attractive period drama men and, if you keep listening we might do a little “acting” for you…….

Many thanks to my compsci friend, Stumo, for telling me about vimeo which, unlike tumblr and youtube, ACTUALLY WORKS.

Many thanks also to Claire for the pleasure of her company over the last couple of days here. I’ve had SO much fun! :) We managed to finish writing CotC chapter 10 this morning, a seriously weird experience passing my laptop back and forth between us - so expect the next instalment on Monday. :)

Enjoy the madness… I’m going to go hide now, I think…

Spread The Love FanFic Challenge: Inspired by La Donna Ingenua

Rules (Copied from ldi) : Here are the rules: there are none! I made up my own categories and you can/should too. Make sure you tag people and their stories and #spread the love da fanfic. Make up your own silly categories that tell us something about the story or you as reader, just spreading the fanfiction love. Follow the authors on tumblr. Link whenever you can. Have fun! Please do!

My categories (by lala-kate):

Stories I think we’re all already reading/completely addicted to, but if you’re not there is a reason that the rest of us are!  Must reads in my opinion:

Preferred-Stock by Chickwriter:

A Girl You Knew by La Donna Ingenua:

Stories I have already read twice and will read again just because they are that good:                                                                                                      Love on Any Terms by R. Grace:

With all the Time in the World by Orangeshipper:

Story I just discovered and absolutely adored: Consolation Prize by Silvestria :

Story I wish I could step into and be a part of the action personally: Of Wine and the Dance at Dinner by On either side the river lie:

Story that has taken me by surprise in such a good way: Everything at Once is Ours by zulu-ottawa:

Stories from other fandoms I just adore: 

From North and South: Taking her there with Me by Redizded:  *This story has a most decided M rating, but it is so beautifully and tastefully written.

From Pride and Prejudice: Worse Fates Could Befall Us by arsepoetica:  *This Jane-centric story complete won over the heart of this Elizabeth/Darcy devotee! 

From Lord of the Rings: On the Wings of the Storm by Lialathuvaril:  *For any other Eomer fans out there, this is a story not to be missed…along with anything else written by this author. 

Alright—keep spreading the love, everyone, and have a lovely day! :)

Title: University Challenge
Author: Silvestria
Genre: Romance/Friendship
Rating: T/PG-13
Summary: Modern university AU. Mary is an Oxbridge reject with a past, Anna & John are in the friendship zone, Sybil has a secret life out of school, Matthew & Lavinia are stuck in a rut, & Downton is owned by the National Trust. Drama and hijinks naturally ensue.

Chapter Eighteen
Matthew takes Mary for a ride - there’s a first time for everything.

agentlancelot asked:

Since I loved doing it so much... Top 5 actors you would like to see appear on Downton Abbey and who they'd play

You almost got a fancast of characters soon to feature in A Girl in Black but I decided to play fair and IDEK what happened. ;)

1. David Mitchell as a Crawley cousin, who doesn’t think much of most of the family (and quite enjoys taking the piss out of them and their constant cloud of scandal and melodrama), except for Edith. He follows her journalistic career with interest, advises her against becoming involved with Michael Gregson, and introduces her to…

2. Harry Lloyd as a budding playwright who also has an interest in film. As he becomes romantically involved with Edith, she helps him craft stronger female leads, and together they co-author plays inspired by Crawley family drama.

3. Jon Hamm as the uncouth American war profiteer to whom Richard Carlisle sells Haxby Park at a profit because he knows it will annoy Lord Grantham, who rocks the countryside with wild jazz parties.

4. Emma Thompson as Mrs Russell, former mistress of Haxby who cannot bear to see her home become a den of iniquity and schemes with Mary and Violet to get the new owner out.

5. Hugh Laurie as the physician who fills in while Dr Clarkson is on his honeymoon with Isobel. Sarcastic and misanthropic, he falls in love with Cora when she reaches out to him, revealing deep psychological trauma from serving in the war—as well as a talent for jazz piano.

A word about Richard/Mary...

Look.  I ship Mary/Matthew about as hard as anyone else in the fandom.  But all the hate for Richard/Mary in the DA tag (well, pretty much all the anon messages Silvestria got today) is pissing me off.

First of all, ain’t nobody’s business to be judging other people’s ships.  It’s like judging other people’s sense of taste (I apologize if this metaphor is too American but it was the first one that popped into my head)… like remember in nursery school when a kid would show up with a peanut butter and honey sandwich and you’re all like, “Ew, how could you put anything other than jelly with peanut butter?  That is sacrilege!”  (Or however your five year old mind phrased it) But THEN the kid lets you take a bite and you’re like, “HOLY FUCKBALLS THIS IS THE MOST DELICIOUS PIECE OF NOURISHMENT THAT HAS EVER ENTERED MY MOUTH.”  

Yep.  You do, don’t you?  Because peanut butter and honey sandwiches are the bomb, but you’ll still eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches BECAUSE THEY ARE JUST AS DELICIOUS.

Or maybe, maybe, you don’t like honey at all.  Which is fine, lots of people don’t like honey.  But seriously, nobody likes to hear how much you don’t like honey, okay?  It doesn’t matter, because other people will always like honey.  You can’t change their mind because it’s their fucking taste buds and they can eat whatever they damn well want to.

Secondly (and backing away from my “Mary is peanut butter and Matthew and Richard are jelly and honey, respectively” metaphor), what’s the point in telling people like Silvestria that you don’t want them to write something other than MM?  Or that you don’t like it?  If it bothers you that much, then don’t read it.  Silvestria was not put on this earth to entertain you with her own (genius, IMO) version of Mary & Matthew’s witty banter.  She doesn’t feed off of your thoughts about her work, she can write whatever she damn well pleases to.  

And thirdly, I adore reading Mary/Richard fics.  Do you know why?  Because it never will happen on the series.  Because I like to see what people think about what could have happened.  Because I like when people use their imaginations and come up with brilliant things (i.e. MrsTater’s “A Girl in Black”), canon or not.  


(and now I go running back to my Downton hidey-hole and lurk in the shadows)


University Challenge : An AU Downton Fanmix

Disc 1Disc 2

inspired by:

The fic / Silvestria

Fic: Confinement

Based on these spoilery pictures and a hefty dose of speculation all of which have been rendered inaccurate by the newest 3x04 spoilers. So actually not really very spoilery at all.

Title: Confinement
Author: Silvestria
Rating: PG-13/T
Genre: Family/Fluff
Characters/ships: Mary, Sybil, Edith, Matthew; Matthew/Mary
Summary: As the time approaches for Sybil’s child to be born, Mary is forced to confront changes within herself. Sisterly bonding and excessive amounts of fluff. 

18. Fan Fic Recs for Patsan!

Let me preface this by saying that there are so many incredibly talented writers and wonderful stories in the Downton Abbey fandom and I wish I could name them all, but I’ve already spent two hours doing just ten so I’m afraid you’ll just have to work your way down the list and get back to me if you want more recommendations. ;)


Consequences Of The Castle By Of Sandwiches and Sea Monsters (Aka Orangeshipper and Silvestria)

I love this fic because it is so heartfelt and emotional to read! And you know, the smut is nice too *cough*.

Thoroughly Modern Mary By Silvestria

Flapper Mary! And the flirting was very racy! I loved Matthew and Mary’s interaction!

Of Course It’s The End How Could It Not Be By Orangeshipper

And its new sequel (which I squeal at every time it get’s updated)

An End To All Things By Orangeshipper

Both of these fics are so tragic and tender. I love the way Carlisle is written in both fics. I can’t recommend them enough!

Not For Turning By eitoph

I loved the political aspect to this fic. The world of Downton transfers very well to the world of politics! 

Downton Abbey & Zombies By The Yankee Countess

The title days it all! I admit that I was reluctant to try this fic at first, simply because I’m not a zombie lover, but I love it. It is so incredibly intense! It’s always very exciting, and again works in the world of Downton.

Home Is Where The Heart Is By miss Kittyplank

This is just such a well executed piece of fan fiction. I love the progression of the characters, and how real they were to me.

Strangers In The Night By Orangeshipper

Matthew and Mary play sexy strangers. My heart almost EXPLODED!

Never Before By EOlivet

Honestly, this fic gets me every time. I’m in love with both the premise and the execution of it. Heartbreaking and wonderful every time I read it!

I Will Love Thee Still, My Dear By Pemonynen

I can count on one hand the amount of times a fan fic has made me cry. This one made me sob! It was incredible! 

Consequences of the Castle: Chapter Eight

This seems a bit redundant but ANYWAY!

Title: Consequences of the Castle, Chapter Eight
Authors: Silvestria & OrangeShipper
Rating: STRONG M
Genre: Romance/Drama
Summary: Summer 1913. When a bitter argument at Scarborough Castle turns into something altogether more passionate, Matthew and Mary find themselves forced to deal with the emotional and practical consequences of their unthinking actions. S01 AU smutty epic.

Enjoy! :)

One of my favorite arguments!

Actually though violence against women exists in various modes that inform each other. It exists in knowledge, through the physical, and within structures. These three pillars all inform each other in some way, where knowledge builds structures and structures then reinforce knowledge and sexual violence against women.  

Treating a woman with opinions and desires as a shrew - a direct form of violence through knowledge. This knowledge forms the basis of social thought that creates structures in society.

So to deny that it exists in the micro level is to deny that it exists in the macro. So maybe it’s not grand-scale misogyny, but it’s still drawing a sexist dichotomy.

Hope that helps :)


The Clue trailer! This is for silvestria, who’s never seen the movie. The trailer’s kind of terrible, as trailers go, but that’s the 80s for you.