aerloria asked:

8. Your top 5 OC's

ERRHHH let’s see since you aren’t specifying I guess I’ll have to say other people’s OCs ouo;?

  1. silvestervitale‘s Sakari bc he’s a total hottie
  2. adelinechevalier‘s Iravati bc she’s a beautiful cinnamon roll too good for this world, too pure
  3. whatsinthestitches Anagha who’s the coolest lady demon with pink hair ever
  4. Also by whatsinthestitches Dani who’s a star, literally, like how cool is that yo
  5. And finally setius-art‘s Mel because everytime I see that post about the very serious character being surprised by the toaster going off I think of him
  6. And bonus loyalunseensilence‘s Vanamo BECAUSE MOUSE FAUNUS 

An outlaws tale by *SilvesterVitale

I’m done with the comic for school! 

So, about this comic, very often people who do bad
things have had a bad childhood, either by abusive parents/”friends” or because of other hardships within the family. Sometimes it is hard to feel compassion to these criminals, Im not saying they shouldn’t get their punishment, but think twice because they might not have had it easy in life.

Story and art by me, Mimi Stenvall - *SilvesterVitale

Really great comic. The style is fantastic and the story very poignant. 

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