anonymous said:

do you think the Michael & Sarah breakup rumors are true??

I dunno, honestly. Of course, I don’t want anyone to break up, especially Mr. Sheeny…but then again, I’m not him so what he does I do not know. 

Uh, lolol!  .______________.  WHAT I’D PAY TO BE A FLY ON THE WALL THOUGH.

anonymous said:

It makes me sad to think about it but maybe Sarah is the one Michael want to spent his life with. Maybe he marry her because she is the one :(

How do you know that though, anon? :/ Yes, he’s dating Silverman but there’s really no way of knowing if she’s the one for him per se. Only Michael really knows that! <3 Besides, it’s very clear that he isn’t a man quick to marry. He dated Kate Beckinsale (gorgeousssss) for eight years and had a daughter with her, without ever proposing she said in an interview. Maybe Sheen has a fear of getting married, settling down? Or it’s just not his thing? Who knows, anon. Again, that’s something only Michael really knows and you can’t always believe what you read! <3 The press might not be telling the whole story.  I don’t judge him or Sarah Silverman for I don’t know either of them personally.