letusbesuccinct asked:

First of all, this blog is freaking amazing. Thanks for always bringing a smile to my face! I just want to say that I love that you include heartwarming stories as well as humor. We hear so much negativity and discriminatory talk that it's wonderful and refreshing to read stories about acceptance and love.

I know this is primarily a humour blog, but I feel a lot of the heartwarming stories have an element of humour when they are so unexpected; you know, that relieved laughter when things actually go better than expected.

i did not post while away. i did not want prema vasam to be narrowed down to a series of snapshots and stories.

i will write this one summary, inspired by kylie. and write about my emotions after leaving.

but that is all.



painting by numbers. (inspired by kylie.)

number of times i’ve carried a child: 120
children i’ve dropped: 0
plates washed: 350
meals accidentally slept through: 5
paintings started: 3
paintings completed: 5
people i am going to miss terribly: 250+
garments children did their business on: 15
garments rescued from a terrible fate: 14
movies watched: 10
times i cried for unrelated reasons: 10
memories i’ll cherish forever: 229,320,342,332 
children brought swimming because of their good grades: 19
children i saved from drowning because they couldn’t stay out of the deep end: 1
time a grown-up grabbed my butt to make me move: 1
number of times bit by ukesh: 2
saris worn: 1
saris bought: 2
saris i was envious of and wish i owned: 4
children who have fallen asleep in my lap: 20
simple words i know in tamil: 17
rickshaws taken: 40
buses taken: 6
trains taken: 3
taxis taken: 10
sunsets seen: 5
sunsets cried over: 3
onions sliced: 20
terrible days: 8
excellent days: 82
times agnes called swopna mental: 100
children i’ve sung to: 30
hours i’ve stood on a train: 4
books finished: 3
times selvyn called me Buffalo Soldier: 215
i love you’s exchanged: too many to count
days i wanted to go home: 0 

hearts i’ll carry with me always: 250+

times someone said i was God’s gift: 2


This is the project I have decided to fund.

I was given the opportunity to go to Arizona with a group called, No Mas Muertes ( but my parents wouldn’t let me go-even though I have been accepted into The Peace Corps..

So in feeling as if I want to give back, I found Guillaume Herbaut, who is photographing La Montana in Mexico.

Watch the video for the real truth.