{Photo of the Day} 16.04.2015

{Photo of the Day} 16.04.2015

Colorado spring weather is a lot of super wet huge snowflakes. Good for the snowpack in the mountains & the entire state in general since we’ve been in drought conditions for awhile, but bad for my birds since they don’t have a large coop yet. They had to stay in the barn today & will have to stay in there tomorrow. This is unfortunate for one specific reason:

Calypso has figured out she can…

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{Photo of the Day} 22.04.2015

{Photo of the Day} 22.04.2015

Frost & Mercury got to explore a habitat with more space. They mostly stayed on the lower level, sliding around after each other before settling down & engaging in synchronised preening. They could manage the ramps just fine, but for some reason they wouldn’t go up to the other levels on their own.

Almost a week old!

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