this summer I trained myself with dA requests in order to get used to deadlines, but now I wanna try with commissions because I need some extra money for art school material (especially because this year I’ll study engraving and metal plates are really expensive).
so, If you’re interested or want to help, contact me or just reblog this post… I’ll really appreciate it! :)

- Prices

sketch: simple lineart sketch, no color
$6 sketch: simple lineart sketch with greyscale, no color
$9 sketch: simple lineart sketch with flat color
[extra character: $2 per character]

$15 lineart + shade: lineart drawing with shade (can choose between greyscale or crossed lines as in the picture)
[extra character: $3 per character]

$20 full body: flat color, simple shade, no background (2nd character is for free!)
$25 full body: flat color and shade, simple background
[extra character: $5 per character]

$40 full color and shade: portrait or waist up, full color, full shade, simple background (2nd character is for free!)
[extra character: $10 per character]

$10 comics page: clean lineart, simple shades and ballons (text in ballons on request)
[extra page: $7 per page]

- Rules -

- NO NSFW commissions. (contact me if you have doubts about this point)
- NO hateful, racist or oppressive requests.
- YES, I draw OCs. (send me some references first)
- I accept  USD and Euro currency.
- Paypal only.
[don’t send  money until I inform you that I have accepted your commission]

email me at sillyvantas_art@libero.it , send me a fanmail here on Tumblr or contact me with deviantART notes  (http://sillyvantas.deviantart.com) with all the informations about your request

Thank you for your attention!
Have a nice day! :)


oh god, i’m so happy when i find stuff like this :D