Your OTP meets somewhere fairly normal and conventional (a bar, a party, a cafe, or something) and hit it off well, but person A can’t help but feel that person B looks strangely familiar. Later, they choke on their drink when they realize that person B stars in their favorite porn movie.

my girlfriend told me off for having a messy desktop so I started to try to tidy it and there was a file just called magic.jpg so i opened it and its this


Liturgical Grindr

Like, we need a Liturgical Grindr, to hook up for fine liturgy and such. The Profile might ask for such information as you preferences on:

Rite I, Rite II, Vers

Ad Orientum, Ad Populum, Ad Whateverum

Church?, Low Church, Broad Church, High Church, Anglo-Catholic, TLM

Looking For (pick as many as you please): Tea, Liturgy of the Hours, Mass, Adoration, Confession, Alcohol and Theology, People willing to form the first ever massive Theology Cosplay/Fan Convention, etc.

Special Features:

Pew seat selection app that allows you to book a pew at your church like an airline seat. Pews that have been claimed by a church member for over two decades are “grayed out”

Review the pastor’s homily and point out any questionable Theological errors. Also, Instagram integration, uploading priest’s vestments for ratings and critiques.

Emergency Sanctus Bells App for the high churchperson to add ringing to the service in the absence of the appropriate altar bells.

…oh, and naturally I’d have to end my profile with "No LC, no Calvinists, no cassock-albs. Sorry, just a preference."

  • Pity Party:*rather embarrased looking anti virus lady walks over to laura and politely taps her on the shoulder* "Erm terribly sorry to bother you miss, but erm im not entirely sure 'Furry Bara fanatics friend finder yiff meter' addon in your browser is completely secure" she says embarrased.
  • *Laura wheels around slapping the blushing woman in the face* "HOW FUCKING DARE YOU, MY ADDONS ARE SELECTED AND AGED LIKE FINE WINES YOU UNCULTURED ANTI VIRUS SWINE" she huffs, pouring her glass of fresh pepsi slowly over the womans head to drive her point home
  • Nerd Possum:jesus
  • Cuteosucks:its like a window into my soul
  • Dogfriend:so a window without a view
  • Cuteosucks:W O W
  • Pity Party:ohsnap
  • Dogfriend:devastation
  • Nerd Possum:wrekt

A trick Fenris made up a couple years ago: Snake Bite. Followed by Fenris completely ignoring our commands because Vallhunds gonna vall.