Episode 53: You Can Laugh At The Undead Burg
  • Episode 53: You Can Laugh At The Undead Burg
  • Derek Alexander, Seth Boyer, and Calvin Hansen
  • Nothing Matters

Episode 53: You Can Laugh At The Undead Burg

How come more anime doesn’t have sack tapping? Why is Nintendo lying to you about the secret Wonderslot?


The Whiteness of Apple

by Navneet Alang

Like a reliable, rusty old factory machine, the Apple rumour mill recently sprang loudly to life in anticipation of the company’s rumoured purchase of Beats, news to which Apple fans largely responded with a resounding, “Ew, why?” Even though it’s pretty clear that if Apple does in fact buy Beats, it would be to acquire cachet, talent, and a promising music business, iPhone users still felt the whole thing was a bit off-putting: “Our beloved company is seeking help from a brand we associate with urban kids? Oh God.”


(Image via Blake Patterson / Flickr)

In Dublin, tradition and innovation defines the new artisan culture


On the south banks of the River Liffey where the Grand Canal cuts into the edge of the Dublin, the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre rises in a riot of angles, overtly contemporary and clashing against the city’s solid brick foundations. The building, opened in 2010, serves as the heart of what has become known as the “Silicon Docks,” the technology center of the Irish capital.

Across the canal, Google has set up a campus, while Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Paypal, Dropbox, Indeed.com, and a number of other tech companies headquarter in the surrounding buildings. The once industrial landscape of the area now converts into a city of stunning glass that, when the sun deigns to briefly burst through the clouds, shatters in a cacophony of brilliant light.

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Nomad introduces ChargeKey, an easy way to charge your iPhone or Android on the go

From Mobile Syrup:

Available in both Lightning and microUSB versions, ChargeKey attaches to a keychain and bends to the will of your circumstance; you can orient it in practically any direction to facilitate powering the phone from any USB port.

The Lightning adapter plugs into an iPhone or iPad in any orientation, and will charge it at speeds based on the port’s power, between 1A and 3A. The microUSB version, on the other hand, plugs in with one orientation, but the middle portion of the ChargeKey can actually twist around.

Nomad has priced the ChargeKey at $20 a piece and is bundling it with ChargeCard for $40. To place an order, head over to the company’s indiegogo page.

Два факта о кремниевой долине


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