Victo Ngai

I am so excited to announce the release of my Tarkovsky’s Solaris poster for Black Dragon press. 18”x24” 6 colors hand-pulled screen print in limited editions printed by White Duck Screenprint on 270gsm Mohawk Superfine Ultrawhite Eggshell paperOriginal is on sale now. Variant will be on sale tomorrow. 

Solaris by Tarkovsky is an absolutely stunning and haunting movie. It was a great yet fulfilling challenge to capture its eerie beauty and the openness of the story plot. I am very thankful to James Park of Black Dragon and AD Nico Delort for having so much faith in me. Being able to approach the project with my own interpretations of the film definitely makes the posters extra special for me.


presumably because i have incriminating photographs of john darnielle stealing the key to the city, i was allowed to do another tour poster for the mountain goats. the topic of the poster is werewolf.

printed by my dudes at industry print shop in texas, available in the cities that are written on it on the dates that the concerts happen, possibly online afterwards, depending on how many people are too terrified to buy one in person.

i grew up pretty obsessed with wrestling and i am of a background whose traditions emphasize the dominance of werewolf over all other monsters, so this one was especially fun to do.