Fall 2014 Editor’s Pick
recently opened:

Disharmony in Blue and Gold
 Kent Henricksen

The Lodge Gallery, 131 Chrystie St., NYC

Known for creating fraught environments that are both inviting and menacing, Henricksen’s work is the combination of opposing forces- the past and present, horror and absurdity, the comic and the tragic, high and low culture. The thread and ink of his canvases are imbued with a complex ambiguity that pushes the images beyond any definitive cultural context. Juxtaposing illustrations of historical events with familiar contemporary images, Henricksen’s work invites you to step into a shamanistic world of non-linear narrative and mythic time. Each canvas is a silkscreened fable in gold ink and meticulously hand embroidered thread. Henricksen explains, “Combining eastern ideas with western images- the large canvases are symbolic labyrinths of the cosmos.  The western images loosely represent the Hindu Trimurti- with a creator, a destroyer and a maintainer.  They are representations of a troubled world with disturbing human behavior- destroying the unknown, protecting or creating the familiar, and maintaining the balance of disturbance” - thru Oct 5


4 New sticker designs for my upcoming shop (soon available as set)

pic 1 digital master for silk-screen-printing

pic 2 sketches with red ink and watercolor

pic 3 and 4 manual silk-screen-printed stickers (scanned and photo)