Do you see this girl right here? This is my best friend. Her name is Kelsey and she means the world to me.

We met in theater class in 10th grade. We both didn’t have any friends in that class, so we stuck together simply for the fear of being alone. Our entire friendship has grown and developed over time into something inseparable. She is the only person in this world who knows me and really truly knows me. I know I can tell her anything and she can tell me anything as well. We’ve come to the conclusion that we are the same person spit into two different bodies, soul mates. Best friend soul mates. We are so much a like sometimes it’s scary. We both have the same birthday- exactly a month apart. We both share the same interest in pretty much everything. We both have been through some pretty tough times together and we understand each other better than anyone else. Her dad considers me family and I feel like I am in loved in her family. She is the most beautiful and strong person I have ever met. I am proud to call her my best friend and I know we’ll be best friends until the end of time.

I love you Kelsey! You are amazing. Keep your head up and don’t forget to smile. And thank you, for being there for me through everything and being the best friend anyone could ever ask for! :)

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silhouettesofmypast replied to your post: this anxiety about school is horrible i can’t... Chin up! Remeber the little things, and no matter how hard it is, find the one thing to smile about. And let that one thing consume you. It will pull you through the anxiety. Best of luck with school :)

thank you :)