Everyone and their mother knows Demi’s story and how she got help. She was diagnosed with a bipolar and an eating disorder. 

I have a point. I promise. but first let me say this…

There’s a difference between Demi fans and a Lovatics. Demi fans love her work. Lovatics love HER. I think I’m a Lovatic. Lol. We support her no matter what. Love her no matter what. Because she’s perfectly imperfect in our eyes. 

But then there’s another set of Lovatics who use the hashtag #Lesbian4Demi. Um.. this is where I live haha :P 

I will be on tumblr for hours on end reblogging my favorite photos of her. mostly photos of where her ass, hair, body, and lips are the sexiest. i’m just ‘like oh mer gawsh. look at dat *insert Demi body part here*”

like I just got off the phone with my current bf and we had a talk about an insecure ex i had that wouldn’t let me watch a Vin Diesel movie bc i had a crush on Vin Diesel then. my current bf told me he’d never treat me that way. he told me i can watch whatever i want, as long as i’m not obsessive over a particular celebrity.. to which he asked, “how are you and Demi?” im like shit. 

insert facepalm here. like.. i’ve been going behind his back watching Demi on YouTube, checking her twitter every two hours, and reblogging her pics all day.

Here’s my point: Demi got help for her obsession with body image, eating disorders and cutting right?; and then here’s me who feels like i need help from my obsession over Demi. Like, isn’t that ironic? 

idk.. talks like that with him make me feel guilty i’m a Lovatic. i hate it :/ but i find myself going back to Demi anyway. she’s too hot. too sexy. and too perfect. like i can’t anymore.. ugh. why?! Dx

Just wrote this on my foot and that’s exactly how I want my tattoo to look. You have no clue how happy I am. Only I might get it on the right side on my ribs. But I had to post it hahaha❤ oh and it’s from the song Edge Of Desire by John Mayer. The infinity is because he says, “Young and full of running, tell me where is that taking me? Just a great figure 8 or a tiny infinity..” thought it was beautiful. It’s actually one of my favorite songs now hahaa. Okay I’m done with my rambling 😊 😊 by ashleyya1 via Instagram http://instagr.am/p/N3oSaLTKcA/


I wrote a butterfly for Tyler, ut now it’s for me. Helping him has reverted me….I can’t do this anymore. I hate myself. I hate my life. I hate school. I put on a brave and happy face for everyone when really I’m screaming inside. The pressure, the stress, the confusion. I can’t take it and no one cares. I try going to people and they laugh in my face. They don’t realize I’m serious. I’m alone. And no one cares.