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I was having intense headaches one day, so i went to the doctors. But on my way i slipped and cracked my head on the pavement. And out sprung two men holding hands, one was definitely an American, and the other was from hot topic.

"the other was from hot topic"


That works 


I’m interracial, and mixed, and growing up in Texas it wasn’t … I was a minority, in that sense. And just remembering not wanting — you know as a kid you don’t want to look different, you don’t want to stick out, you don’t want to be “the brown girl.” And so I used to always, I felt like I wasn’t ever ideal, in that sense; I didn’t have blonde hair and blue eyes. But as I got older, I wouldn’t want to be any different. I don’t want to be any different. I think my culture, and having the ability to experience both culture’s — my father’s and my mother’s — is awesome. (x)

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You walk down the street and see two businessmen pass each other. Instantly you imagine them as Stebe and Bucky and then suddenly everyone is Steve and Bucky. You collapse to the ground because you are surrounded by so much Stucky.

This…….is so fucking true


In other news, Joël worked a daytime shift at the upstairs bar at The Grind and it was pretty quiet, so he managed to fit in a few pool games with Monica, his boss. He got really, really hot playing pool and had to take his shirt off, as you do.


141022 kimheenim: In the midst of filming with Park Sulneo teacher-nim in . She said she’s never laughed like this and kept calling me “Son~ son~”. It felt like I got a new godmother♡ Next time shall I have airport fashion like a classical scholar from ‘Park Sulneo hanbok’.. Hmm.. I can’t get a grip on myself since I look good in any clothes and any hairstyle right.. Hahaha #ParkSulneo #Hanbok #Airportfashion #Panicfashion #Privatetutoringacrossgenerations (cr)