okay so british people (and one in particular) have ruined the word “fanny” for me. I just saw some girl on facebook whose name is Fanny and I was just like “WTF. Why would they do that to their child”

until it dawned on me that fanny is a britishism

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I only had a playstation 1 & 2. They were great but I can’t comment on the new one, haha. I want Wii Fit so bad!

We don’t have a wii fit :( massively want one though. Thanks for reminding me, it’s going on my christmas list :D We have mario&sonic olympic games or whatever the hell it’s called and apparently with that you can use the fit board to snowboard and things which looks really fun :P



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he makes me wanna vommmmmmm not really but he is super annoying and his voice bugs the hell outta me do you remember on hpff though when everyone hated emma EVERYONE used to go on about her eybrow acting all the time?

YES. I couln’t watch GOF for ages because all I saw were her eyebrows wiggling about. I don’t see it anymore though, thank goodness

There really was an unreasonable amount of hatred for emma’s eyebrows on that board, wasn’t there? :P

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and i’m going to greece with my friends in july :P it’s like a right of passage to go away with friends after yr 13 though. OMG THAT VIDEO. those two guys are babes. And is the ginger guy putting on the accent? he sounds scottish…

ugh fuck ooooff. Lots of people go to tacky party places in the mediterranean around their 18th birthdays or after year 13 (like in the inbetweeners film :P), But my birthday’s right after the summer and right before I move, so no trip for me :(

I love that you think that my sister’s guy friends are babes. :P

And the ginger isn’t putting on. People speaking english over here can sound like anything, cause we pick up influences from the telly all over. 

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FANX BBZ also, you know of my love for irish accents? WELL GUESS WHERE I AM GOING WITH MY FRIENDS IN JUNE

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loling. one direction are great. Also, don’t you think biebz is looking a bit hot lately? It’s the new hair. kbye.


My other friend is going to Wales in Feb and I DON’T GET TO GO ANYWHERE. I hate you all.

I can’t stand 1D at the moment. My sister listens to them INCESSANTLY.

and, no. He’s not. I’ll admit he’s not ugly, but no. :P Don’t turn into one of these please. That’s my sister and her friends and how much they love JB. It’s scary. “I AM going to marry Justin, it’s just a matter of when.” SHUDDER.