AUs I Never See But Need
  • Street racers au
  • Con artists au
  • 'What did you just say to me? What. Did. You just say to me. Don't be fucking rude' au
  • 'I'm a writer and I'm suffering from serious writer's block so I'm hitting my ahead against this wall at 3 am and oops, your bedroom is on the other side' au
  • 'We're both gamers and you're that one asshole using hacks two days after the game came out and you keep making smug comments and I am going to throw my controller at my screen' au
  • 'We're supposed to be playing a song together in a concert, but one day I got pissed off and threw all of my sheet music at you  and now you like to carry around small plastic things to throw at me and- WILL YOU STOP THAT?' au
  • 'You're a history professor with a penchant for mythology and occultism, and I'm the magical entity you're trying to write a book about and what, no, that's not accurate, excuse me, I don't- Oh my god.' au
  • 'You're a musician and you've got these tattoos everywhere and wow, but when I talked to you after the concert, I realized you're the biggest dork I've ever met' au
  • 'I live in the apartment next to yours and you keep blasting music at all hours of the night and the bass is making my walls shake so I went to confront you and found out you were listening to britney spears. Also, you're kinda cute' au
  • 'I live in the apartment next to yours and one day I saw you doing some kind of vaguely satanic-looking ritual' au
  • 'Excuse me, we're neighbors and I keep waking up with your cat on my face and I really hope I hallucinated its tentacles,' au
  • 'We don't like each other and somehow that turned into a competition to see who could out-flirt the other and now I just really want an angry make out session with you' au
Hold on...

Keep holding on. Keep going even if you feel like throwing up. One more page. One more slide. Scribble out one more sentence. Almost there. You are running the marathon. Convince yourself. One more. One more. One more because one step is one step closer. 

Bones AU though

Special Agent Steve Rogers being forced to partner up with genius (and the leading expert in the world in Forensic Anthropology, thank you very much) Tony Stark, for Tony’s extended support in his murder investigations.

Media darling and author, Tony Stark dedicating his books to “my rudder, Special Agent Steve Rogers for I wouldn’t be half as good at anything as I’m when I’m doing it next to you…….except Forensic Anthropology, of course. I’m still the best in that.”

Late nights spent pouring over cases, and trusting each other, going on “Not-Dates” to the local diner, finding loopholes in Fury’s edicts, going undercover and getting buried alive (and rescued).

Their partnership surviving broken homes and tragic backstories, the irritating psychologist who seemed to have imprinted on them, serial killers, cannibals and false murder charges. 

Just……unlimited trust and friendship with an under layer of UST and deep, abiding love.

Countless, “Hey! you cannot talk to him like that.” and “Steve Rogers is the best man I know, so I would watch myself before I say another negative word about him in front of me, if I were you…..of course this is assuming you have the minimum intelligence required to make that decision” and “I’m not as unfeeling as people think I am, Steve”/“ What you are is Iceland. Cool to the touch but underneath all volcano!“

Help, I’m crying.