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Recently I broke up with my now ex-boyfriend after he was hanging out with his ex and lying about it. Only he decided to tell people that he dropped me because he had gotten what he wanted and added another notch to his belt. Funny thing was, we never even got all that close to having sex. So to even the playing field I slept with his friend. Not even going to spread the word, ill just silently let it eat at him that he told everyone I slept with him.. When I only slept with his friend. Dont lie

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Jessa Appreciation Week: Day 2 >> Favourite Scene

Favourite Scene was practically impossible for me to choose. Every scene including Jem and Tessa is so important. Every scene gives you one or more portions of the kaleidoscope image that is their relationship. There is so many different factors in their relationship, and the majority of them are positive. I love that their relationship is never overly dependant - in each and every scene they raise each other up to be better, they always support each other or they politely conk each other on the head if they’re being stupid. Through and through the relationship is never uncomfortable or unhealthy. It was forged from friendship and trust and has endured for so so long. Each scene represents them at a different stage of their relationship- tentative friends all the way to passionate lovers. Jem and Tessa have many great scenes, but all of them are my favourite. Whether it be them meeting up upon Blackfriars Bridge for the last time within the books, or be it when they’re walking to Jessamines room to give her Shadowhunting gear- both completely at ease with one another and laughing at the idea of Silent Brothers playing charades.

Top Characters with a Mental Illness

Emanuel, The Truth About Emanuel (2011):

Charlie, The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2013):

Sarah, Silent House (2011):

Anna, The Uninvited (2009):

Teddy, Shutter Island (2010):

Arnie, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993):

Craig, It’s Kind of a Funny Story (2010):

Justine, Melancholia (2011):

Lisa & Sussana, Girl, Interrupted (1999):

David, All Good Things (2010):

Nina, Black Swan (2010):

Lyle, Manic (2001):

Elizabeth, Prozac Nation (2001):

Donnie, Donnie Darko (2001):

"Write to me," she whispered against his chest, "and please, come back quickly…"
"…and you, my love, rest as much as you can." he said as he kissed her forehead lightly and ran his hand through her silky hair. I shoudn’t have put on my gloves already, he thought.

i just LOVE size-difference in a couple okay! and for Tom and Patty, it was more or less 14,5 in. (36,5 cm) of difference, if i’m right? anyway, i hope you like it :D
DevARt  L I N K

We wouldn’t tell somebody that has a brain tumor to just stop it, stop having those difficulties with recalling information, we wouldn’t tell someone with a seizure disorder to just stop it. We understand there are misfiring between the brain cells and they need medication they need treatment in order to function.
—  Dr. Toni Johnson, a psychiatrist at MetroHealth Medical Center.    
You say that you’ll always be there for me and that I’m not alone

But when its 3 am and my demons claw their way up my throat in a silent scream

And squeeze tight until I can no longer breathe

And creep in and slowly envelope every inch of my mind and my body

And shoot through my veins

And leave me crumpled in a shaky mess on the bathroom floor

I am so incredibly alone

And there is no one to turn to and nothing to help

And nothing you say to me will ever be able to change the fact that you can’t be there for me in those moments when I need it most.
—  k.d.