Silence (Michael x Reader)

Without knowing, you fell out of love, and so did he. The times of spending together had faded, and the smiles never appeared on your faces when you see each other. You started to have the urge to never hang out with him, knowing he was feeling the same way.

You never know why he stop talking to you, why he kept on making excuses when being together. Only silence answers you. In this dark room, you saw his eyes, cold and hard. Those eyes that once hold emotions was replaced with guiltiness. You were trying to hold your tears when he had said these words he promised he would never say.

“Let’s break up..Y/N.” His voice said, full of pity.

You felt one of your tears sliding on your cheeks as your heart broke in two.

“Why..?” You said softly, everything around you slowly turn blurry from your tears.

“I don’t love you anymore.” The tension in the dark room kept on growing as he left you standing and went to pack his things.

You didn’t know what to do but watch, watch him leave you in this horrible mess.

“Why did I love you..” You whisper, hoping he won’t hear you but he did anyway.

He felt bad, knowing that he was the one to make you feel like this in the first place. But he had to tell the truth, knowing it would hurt you and him badly.

He walked out of his empty room to find his ex-girlfriend standing there, her hair falling down to her face.

“Goodbye forever my love.”