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Courtney has died

It felt like the bottom had dropped out from under him.

It’d been a accident, of course. Someone hadn’t done their job right setting up some equipment for testing, and Courtney had died.

Maxie didn’t want to think of the details.

Due to the nature of her death, her funeral was a closed-casket one, piled high with various colorful flowers. There was a sign near the casket, depicting pictures and symbolic meanings of each one. Just how she would have liked it.

As Maxie gave her eulogy, a sildeshow of pictures was displayed behind him. All of them of Courtney, from her first days as a Magma, to just a few weeks before the incident at the Team Picnic, sharing a chunk of watermelon with one of her Pokemon.

The whole base shut down for a week in mourning, even the Leader unable to function through grief.