Possibly one of the most powerful images I have seen- just highlights how even in this day and age atrocities are being carried out. The culprits of the 1984 Sikh Genocide are promoted and are given Government posts whilst the victims suffer. Losing someone you loved is bad enough, but watching as the murderers run for elections takes the pain to whole other level.

Friday June 1st 1984.
Thousands of pilgrims start to gather at the Golden Temple complex to celebrate the martyrdom anniversary of Guru Arjan on June 3rd.
As Sant Jarnail Singh Bindranwale sits on the roof of the Langer hall, police snipers open fire on him. They miss and Sikh militants fired back. A seven hour skirmish during the night lasting until the morning leaves 11 dead and 25 injured. There were bullet holes in the Langer building, in the marble pavement (parkarma) surrounding the Golden Temple and in the Golden Temple itself.
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I have a lot to say about recent occurrences and about 1984. But I’m way too hurt to even explain the feelings inside me with words. I’ll never forget 1984, even tho I wasn’t there or born, I will always remember.
We are supposed to love each other and come together to remember all those who were lost. But no, politics and power just destroy that. Fighting at Harmandir Sahib on a day when they came together to remember??? Why?! I just don’t understand. It’s a few people like that shed such a image into Sikhs. We are peaceful loving people.
Violence shouldn’t take place at a place of worship, violence shouldn’t take place anywhere. There shouldn’t be any politics in religion, or power struggles. We are all equal, and we should all be one. Waheguru Satnam.