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i woke up early today because i had to enlist for my summer sem (don't go to college, kasey, it's not worth the pain) and and and after, i went to check the fridge and my brother brought home macadamia cookies last night and i think it's a sign it's a siiiiiiign

nooooooooooooo. hmmm let’s think of a good story to tell you. okay so every year we go to the beach and I’ve brought becca with me for the last few years and like two years ago we were coming back from going to the boardwalk at like 6:00 at night and my dad was like “hey let’s go to Walmart!!!” and I love Walmart so I was all for it. he said the Walmart was only like 15 minutes away but like an hour later we still weren’t there???? but we eventually got there and I don’t think I’ve ever had more fun in a Walmart. Me and becca dressed up in some really attractive clothes and it was just very amazing

tell me about your day and get a fun story in exchange!