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Ya know I really just need Jensen to take a selfie - after a con or a long day of filming - of him and Jared in the back of a car and Jared with his head on Jensen's shoulder and his eyes closed and his mouth open a little and for Jensen to caption it "he fell asleep on me five minutes after we left." I am certain this has happened and I need pictures of it. Also a video of Jensen waking Jared up when they get to the hotel. *nod nod*

oh god glispy i nEED THIS

Jared climbs into the backseat, sliding in next to Jensen. “You look beat, man,” Jensen says, worried. Jared’s not usually this bad, but when he’s tired, he’s dead tired. Drags his feet, walks slow, barely able to hoist himself into the SUV.

“Yeah,” Jared murmurs, head drooping as he tilts slightly closer to Jensen as the minutes go by. “Just need to sleep for a week, Jen, I’ll be fine…”

Jensen frowns but doesn’t say anything. Sits up as straight as possible so Jared’s head can rest comfortably on his shoulder when he inevitably falls against him. It’s the best he can do for Jared who’d done so much all week, worked himself to exhaustion.

So when Jared finally falls into him, mouth open, lashes brushing his cheeks, Jensen gently brushes away the hair that had fallen into Jared’s face. Looks at his sleeping face for a moment before deciding to take out his phone. Snaps a quick picture, and posts it on twitter. Then snaps a second picture of himself pressing a kiss to Jared’s temple, soft and sweet.

Clif says from the front, “Pulling up, J, get him up, yeah? I don’t want to have to carry him.”

Switching camera on his phone to video, Jensen pokes Jared in the cheek, laughs as his costar swats his hand away. He tries again, poking Jared’s forehead and then nose before saying on a laugh, “C’mon, big guy, Clif doesn’t wanna carry your ugly ass and neither do I.”

Hazel eyes peek open and Jared groans at the sight of the phone, knowing this is a video because he knows Jensen. “Jen,” he whines, looking, if possible, more tired than before he went to sleep.

“If you say ‘five more minutes’, so help me god, Jare…”

A tiny grin, “Two more minutes?”

“You’re such a dork,” Jensen laughs, shoving his shoulder so Jared falls to the other side of the SUV. “Let’s go get some real sleep, yeah?” The video cuts off as Jensen leans in for a quick kiss.

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I miss taekai :c

I really miss them too anonie ._. I wonder if they’ve had to change to hang out lately. With EXO’s promotions and SHINee’s preparation for their comeback.. Yeh, I’m sure they have tho, it’s taekai, they’ll grab any opportunity they have. And in the mean time they’re probably texting a lot. Do you think Taemin has met Jongin’s niece yet?? God, do I really want that to happen. Jongin showing her off all proudly and Taemin mocking him for being embarrassing, while he’s actually trying to hide how his heart skips a beat when he sees Jongin with her on his arm. Taemin himself is a bit awkward around young children, but to see Jongin with them makes him think stuff he probably shouldn’t be thinking about his best friend …

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The nsfw gifs you reblog are just *siiiiigh*

I try to only reblog the best. That last one is from a porn I’ll admit I’ve watched probably 10+ times

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There is so much drama going on on my dash rn around jibcon so I'm just gonna hang out on your blog since you tag all the negativity x)

Hahaha! I do, and there’s little wank here to begin with, lol! :p I haven’t really been online today (because work :() but I’m not surprised. Cons always come with wank. *siiiiighs* 

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What does your husband do for a living that you two are able to do so much at such a young age? Do you work?

*siiiiigh* I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I don’t feel comfortable discussing those kinds of personal details about our lives on the Internet. Our bills are covered, we’re happy in our marriage, our puppy is well taken care of, and that’s all you need to know.