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Hey there ! I started ACNL a month ago, and I'm a bit new to QR codes. There's something I don't really understand and can't seem to find the answer anywhere. How can we actually customize a whole town with only 10 patterns ? Isn't there any way to save some more besides having to create a new character ? Thanks a lot !

Hi anon! You can talk to one of the Able sisters and she can store them for you, but unfortunately if you want to use them as paths then you need to use the ten slots available on your character for them. For paths with more than ten codes you’re going to have to make a new character. This isn’t true for signs though, you can use your design on the sign and then change the design without affecting the sign. The same goes for your town flag. I hope this has helped a little, sorry for the bad news!

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most accurate traits of the signs

Aries: expressive af

Taurus: lowkey af

Gemini: changeable af

Cancer: whiny af

Leo: self-centered af

Virgo: opinionated af

Libra: indecisive af

Scorpio: outspoken af

Sagittarius: careless af

Capricorn: detached af

Aquarius: inconsistent af

Pisces: selfless af