We work at a sign shop. A customer called requesting we reproduce a simple banner, which they had done by another shop (who since had gone out of business).

Me: Do you have the artwork?

Client: No. But I can bring our existing banner over.

Me: Ok. Is it detailed with photographs or just simple text?

Client: It’s just text. How big is your scanner?

Me: We have a 17” scanner, but we wouldn’t use it for this job.

Client: You’re damn right. How are you going to scan my 12 foot banner with that? Forget it, I’ll find a professional that can do it instead.


A quick analysis of a battle scene of Seti I. Exterior north wall, hypostyle hall, Karnak.

Here 19th Dynasty pharaoh Seti I is shown in battle against the Shasu in Canaan, shooting at the chaotic mass of enemies, charging at them on his chariot. In order to free his hands, the reigns have been tied around his waist. A charioteer would have driven the horses in reality, but the effect of the heroic king artistically would have been lessened by the addition of another man in his chariot. And so, the heroic, overbearing figure of Seti looks upon the hopelessly defeated, tiny enemies. The scale of the figures is of course intended to convey relative status -a device used widely in Egyptian art.

The pharaoh is further differentiated by a number of additional elements. He is protected by Nekhbet vulture and the sun disk above him (photo #4). In addition, an animated ankh-sign holds a large fan behind Seti (photo #3). The image of the carnage is conveyed both visually, and by the text, which states that Seti “prevailed over them like a lion, making them into heaps of corpses throughout their valleys.” Like the famous smiting scenes, these battle scenes of pharaohs displayed both their power, and their duty in maintaining order.

Photo taken by kairoinfo4u (cropped). When writing up this post The Art of Ancient Egypt by Gay Robins (The British Museum Press, 2008), was of use.

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In the 60s women fought for female liberty to take risks as much as men do and live with the consequences. nowadays, women fight for their extra bubble wrap from life and reality on tumblr while denying any male actually has any issues in their lives. please someone shoot me now. signed: unfortunately a woman

S. Korea to help renovate Cambodia's ruined temples

South Korea will for the first time help Cambodia renovate the Preah Pithou group of ruined temples in the complex of the Angkor Archeological Park, both sides said Friday.

The agreement on the preservation and renovation of the ruined temples was signed here between Baek Sook Hee, country director of the Korean International Cooperation Agency to Cambodia, and Bun Narith, director general of the Apsara National Authority, which is in charge of the protection and management of the Angkor Archaeological Park.

"The Republic of Korea is so proud that today we have stepped into preserving and renovating the world heritage site for the first time," Baek said after the signing ceremony. "We have confidence that our experts will be able to restore the Preah Pithou group of temples to its original form." Read more.

By this time, maybe you have already realized how much you miss him. Maybe you already wanted to talk to him but you’re too afraid that he might still be mad at you or worst, he might just ignore your message. Maybe you are going paranoid right now, wondering what he’s thinking or what he’s feeling. Is he mad? Does he also miss you?But how would you know if he’s not even showing some signs?

It’s crazy how you wanted to get away from him but then the next day, you misses him so damn much. It’s crazy how you wanted to have fun with other people around you but then the next day, all you really wanted to be with is with him. You’re crazy for pushing him away and wanting him, both at the same time.

Clarification on Sehun's drunk fan encounter

Last night, there were Japanese fans (labeled as sasaengs) who uploaded a photo with Hyunbin (Sehun’s friend) and claimed that they drank alcohol with Sehun, got his sign, spoke to him in Japanese and was even hugged by him. Hyunbin was also said to have uploaded a photo with these fans but deleted it from his instagram. [Note: We do not have the original source, this is just what’s spreading on SNS sites]

This could have been the reason why some found the said fans’ statement believable but more fans do not believe it as Sehun can’t even speak fluent Japanese. Other than that, Sangmin (also Sehun’s friend) just posted this statement on his Instagram:




Also, a fan who was present when the incident happened tweeted this:




Proof that the fan (xing_hj_xing_) was really there when it happened:



Please do not believe any rumor about this incident anymore. We hope these are more than enough to make us all aware of what really happened. 

We also want to take this opportunity to remind everyone that whatever Sehun does in his private time should not really be our concern because he also needs privacy despite being an idol. However, we thought a clarification is needed to be put up because what was spreading isn’t true and might create misunderstandings.

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Can you make a fanfic about the game and how Josh's team won and him texting Jennifer. Make it fluffy of course. ;)

I have a feeling you’re the same anon that asked for the tattoo fanfic haha which is great so thank you! Here’s the next one :)

~ Joshifer one-shot ~

It’s crowded, there’s people everywhere, screaming and cheering, anxious for the game to start. For once, I am glad that all this is not for me. It doesn’t mean I get to relax, because people still notice me and say hi and want to take pictures, but I am happy. I can watch the game with my family, cheer and be loud, and probably eat some pizza at some point. 

A few minutes before the game starts, I can’t help myself and stand up to do the Louisville “L” sign with my hand, and soon everyone else is doing it -or is it the THG salute?-. I see myself on the big screens that hover over the basketball court and I wave my hand graciously.

The cheers are quite loud for me to hear my phone but I feel it vibrate inside my pocket. I pull it out as I sit down and smile. I knew he would write me.

"Just saw you on tv. So cute with the hat and that beautiful smile. Won’t last long tho. Get ready to lose. Love u."

I chuckle as I shake my head. He’s probably on his couch back in LA with a beer in one hand and his phone in the other one. Man, I miss him. It’s only been a couple of days but I wish he could be here with me and my family. But he can’t, I know. We know.

I reply quickly. “This smile is gonna be chasing you for a while, as we’re gonna win. Deal with it already. Love u too.”

He is definitely faster than me when texting. “Good cos I need that smile. Your team winning tho… not so sure.”

I decide not to reply to that; my brothers are teasing me and the game is about to start. I can’t sit still due to the excitement, and I’m not even the biggest basketball fan here. But I cheer, scream, clap and I’m having so much fun I don’t think I sit down for the first forty five minutes. 
After the Cardinals score a few times in a row, I decide to gather my brothers and the three of us take the goofiest selfie: open mouths as if cheering, hands doing the Louisville L sign and my tee shirt right in the middle of the picture. Picture that, obviously, I send to Josh. 

"Get it all out while you can, Lawrence family. It ain’t gonna last."

"Love your necklace btw ;-)"

His second text makes me smile and forget about the game for a moment. We exchanged Christmas gifts in front of my family this year; it was not a big deal. But Josh saved the necklace for last. Once we were alone that evening, he pulled out the thin yet long velvet box and handed it to me. I thought it would be a bracelet, but when I opened it and found a heart shaped pendant, I went speechless. He knows how much I love wearing necklaces, and the heart- well, “it’s mine, and for you to keep,” he said that night. 

So it’s only fair that I wear his heart today. I know he would have killed to be here with me, so I like to think that in some way, he is here.

I’m about to reply to his last text but another one from him pops up. 

"Miss you x"

"Wish you were here with me. I’d be sitting on your lap and we’d be making fun of each other every time our teams scored haha. Miss you too xx"

"Maybe we can do that next year :)"

"Maybe. And I’ll get to see your loser face as I’m gonna miss it today :P"

"You still haven’t won so hold your horses, missy. I might be the one seeing your loser face on tv today."

"You won’t. OMG my brothers are getting pizza!!!! xxx"

As soon as I see it coming I grab a slice and take a bite. I am hungry. Ben hands me a beer and then I realize I need an extra hand to keep texting Josh. Oh well, I’ll have to eat fast. 
But I’m not even halfway through the pizza when Blaine takes my phone and asks me to pose with the food. I open my mouth as wide as I can and pretend to be taking a huge bite. He snaps a pic and I see him add some text to it. Before I swallow and talk, he tosses my phone back to me.

"I sent it to Josh," he says with a sly smile as he goes back to focusing on the game.

I clean my mouth and my hands, take a sip of my beer and check my phone. I see he has in fact sent the picture to my boyfriend, but my jaw drops as soon as I read what he’s written under it.

"You’ve probs seen this face a few times, but we all love her big mouth. She can def eat, huh? ;-)"

I punch him hard on the arm. “Blaine!! You’re gross.” I read his words again and I laugh a bit. Although I’m hoping Josh is not all freaked out. His reply comes a few seconds later.

"Thanks for the pic, Blaine. Gonna use it as my screensaver haha gotta love this face"

How does he know it was Blaine? Wow, he’s good. But also, gross! I quickly turn to my brother who is still laughing at his own joke. “You two are never talking again.”

"You better delete that pic or you won’t be seeing that face in a long time, Mr. Hutcherson."

He answers so fast I laugh. "Deleted. Will you check the score now and see who’s winning? Love ya!"

I lift up my head only to find my team is losing by just a few points. Fuck. I put my phone in my pocket and ignore it every time it vibrates. I’m not answering Josh, I need to focus on the game I have come to watch with my family. It gets really interesting and competitive, which makes time fly. 
When we get to the last break, I ask my dad to walk me to the restrooms. We make our way there after stopping to take a picture with a couple of fan girls. I’m honest, as always, and tell them to rush as I really need to pee.
After I use the bathroom and wash my hands, I take a moment to check my phone and read all the texts Josh has been sending me.

"I guess you saw the score and don’t wanna talk. I understand. But I warned you."

"Still praying for your team to win? Not gonna happen Jenny."

"Ok stop ignoring me now. I’ll stop teasing :P"

"Heyyy :( Remember I’m home alone, feeling lonely, I get to see your face on tv every few minutes but that’s not enough :("

"I really do hope you’re enjoying the game with your family :) I love seeing you smile this much xx"

"I love you, beautiful."

"I really do love you."

"Can’t wait to see you in a couple days."

"I miss you xx"

"and love you"

"Ok I’m gonna stop now cos you’re gonna be pissed when you read all these annoying texts. Call me after the game xxx"

I smile. I smile so widely I feel my eyes getting all watery so I stop. I lean against the door and type out what is probably the longest text I have ever written in my life.

"Never stop texting me. I love reading you. I love knowing that you miss me and that you love me. I love you calling me beautiful, and even though I’ll never admit it to your face, I love it when you tease me over silly things, like a basketball game. I love how you think you can annoy me with texts when deep down you know you could never annoy me, with anything. I love that you like seeing me smile. And I love that you love me. And I love you, too xxx"

I press send before I regret it. I’ve never written anything like this before but I think he’ll like it. Before I let the emotional moment go away, I send him one last text.

"Your team is gonna win, but whatever. When it comes to us, I won ;)"

Zodiac Signs Facts
  • Aries :They crave that mineral
  • Taurus :They crave that mineral
  • Gemini :They crave that mineral
  • Cancer :They crave that mineral
  • Leo :They crave that mineral
  • Virgo :They crave that mineral
  • Libra :They crave that mineral
  • Scorpio :They crave that mineral
  • Sagittarius :They crave that mineral
  • Capricorn :They crave that mineral
  • Aquarius :They crave that mineral
  • Pisces :They crave that mineral


It’s here:

It took me a few hours, but I finally got one to crack the deets. Apparently, the “Ackles Twitter hack plan” is cancelled due to legal issues and “Vince” is being attacked. I managed to get a link to their board. This guy seemed pretty disillusioned with the whole thing…like he’s getting tired of it. He also says the whole thing is pretty disorganized. A good sign I think. Please signal boost this though. I know it can help put a stop to this and let us know of future plans…or at least give us more background info before they move. I’ll probably upload the whole conversation later.