at like 2:45 someone chooses f for friends and phil looks directly at the camera with love eyes and a smile 


Tbh I’m neutral towards platonic PDA like if my friend hugs me or puts their arm around me or holds my hand I’m fine but I don’t prefer it but i hate couple PDA, when I’m dating someone in the future, I will hold their hand or hug them hello or let them put their arm around me but I would not want to kiss them in public unless it’s like a quick goodbye kiss I guess


The ultimate Caskett kissing post

Just because
I am a woman
does not mean
I have to feel beautiful.
I should feel appreciated,
educated, important, and significant
before you make me
feel beautiful.
—  Michelle K., There Are so Many More Important Feelings Besides Beautiful.
Gender Neutral Names to Call Your Significant Other
  • Obtuse
  • rubber goose
  •  green moose
  • guava juice
  • Giant snake
  • birthday cake
  •  large fries
  • chocolate shake