Forget Me Not

The azure weight of subtlety
Makes stems bow down and nod their heads
In recognition of svelte rain.
Slight memoirs rely on petals
To shine with tears like molten moons,
A span of cities in one flower.
A pensive song prevails barely,
Strung melancholy by the air;
Dutiful, secret holiness.
Stained by the sky’s forgotten paint,
Remembered lives take many forms.

Another fatherly role, in “Struck By Lightning,” had Mulroney working with Clovis East graduate Chris Colfer. He has high praise for Colfer as both an actor and writer.

“I was so impressed with Chris when I first read the script,” Mulroney says. “It was an amazing accomplishment for such a young person. I was impressed with the depth of the movie at the same time it played for comedy in a very naturalistic way. I have nothing but love and respect for the guy.”

anonymous asked:

do you possibly know how many total episodes there are going to be for TRMD?

While I think it might have at some point been scheduled for 16 weeks, the current plan is for 13, so 65 eps. There is a campaign starting up to extend it to at least 16 weeks, though.

ether has a song called hot pursuit on aer ipod and always reads it as hot fursuit and freaks out 


I am most of the pie, which people love to dig in to, and e is most
of me, even though it is more than c, which is also me. Lightspeed: the speed
at which gamma waves travel. Such radiation is the harbinger of death,

which is 4 in eastern Asia. Despite being the package of good things,
having a 1 before me is unlucky; they shun and revile me in that state.
I am the power of a cube and half of its face. When shaped, I am the strongest, make all

the difference, and am a Chinese criminal: I let the gangsters cross the bridge
and defiantly defect to their old enemy, changing the balance of the
equation. How can I do this? It is simple: I am the God of the Vatican.