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Will any of the 10 year anniversary preorders be signed?

Yes! I signed about 10,000 copies of the pretty and super fancy 10th anniversary edition of Looking for Alaska. My understanding is that the signed copies will be available primarily from independent bookstores in the U.S.

Yet one more reason to patronize your local indie bookstore!


71 have sold in the couple days and only a few remain. Soon to go extinct, the rare signature resides now exclusively in pre-order copies of Ragnarök that are yet to be sold. As the publisher is keeping a few for conventions and such, the exact number remaining is unknown but we can expect the beast to be completely extinct before Thanksgiving.

But now, for only a one time payment of $17.99 plus shipping, you can own one of the last of its kind. Now I won’t pretend it’s a pretty signature. It looks kind of like I dipped a worm in ink and let it wriggle across the page. But this ugly creature is in the last phases of sale and represents the ultimate collectors item when it comes to Ragnarök. They’re going fast, the first 30 sold within 4 hours, so feel free to send me a message anytime to be sure there are some left before you buy.

But don’t forget the responsibility that comes with adopting an endangered signature. As one of the first buyers of Ragnarök you’ll need to read it immediately and keep it safe and clean on your bookshelves and cherish it for a lifetime. You can always sell it but I recommend waiting until the book goes big for a maximum profit. This will be the confirmed first run of the first edition of the novel so it will be the ultimate collectors item as far as Ragnarök is concerned. If you own a signed Valhalla be absolutely certain to get one to match, as they’re like hotels on Monopoly properties, they go up in value in pairs, presumably because they can mate and keep the species alive. Indeed, little is known about the behavior of the Green-Inked Aribach Autograph, so your observations on the beast will be most valuable.

Do you have what it takes to own and care for an endangered signature? Find out here at Dreamspinner Press!

Me showing him my ticket stub…
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