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By adding your name to the pledge, you are committing to uphold and support it in every quest quested, flag captured, and gold pile duped. So what, exactly, does that mean?  Below you will find those answers, and, if you don’t, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

If you’re curious to know what the organization’s goals are beyond the pledge, or what will be done with the pledge, check out our Gamers Against Bigotry Action Plan infographic.

Also, read this great interview at The Mary Sue with Sam, the founder of GAB.  It will likely answer all the questions you may have had, and then some.

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You all should go and sign the pledge to show support for same-sex marriage. You can also donate to the cause, contact state representatives, or just keep updated on all same-sex news stories! SHOW YOUR SUPPORT AND REBLOG


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SIGN THE PLEDGE: Our schools belong to all of us: the students who learn in them, the parents who support them, the educators and staff who work in them and the communities that they anchor. Sign the pledge, and together, we will work to make this vision of public education a reality.

Help me erase the stigma of mental illness


One in four families are affected by mental illness. Today, I did something to help them.

For people living with mental illness, the fear of stigma can have a devastating effect on their ability to live normal, healthy lives. That’s why I took the Bring Change 2 Mind pledge to stand up against the stigma of mental illness. Will you join me?

Bring Change 2 Mind is an organization dedicated to fighting the stigma of mental illness, and providing information and support to those living with mental illness.

By taking their pledge, you promise to learn about mental health issues, and to reach out to those who may be struggling with such issues. If you are living with a mental illness, you pledge to educate and manage your illness, and to communicate with others about your experiences.

Most importantly, anyone who takes the pledge is promising to stand up against intolerance and the perpetuation of stigma of any kind.

Take the Bring Change 2 Mind pledge to stand up against stigma today. Together we can change the way society views people with mental illness:




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