Zodiac Sign's Reactions When Getting Dumped

Aquarius - will tell their friends that you were not the right person anyways because you couldn’t carry on an intellectual conversation if your life depended on it, you were clingy, jealous and wanted a commitment and that’s the complete opposite of what attracts an Aquarian.

Pisces – will hit the couch and drift off into a spiritual fantasyland where they’ll create a dramatic scenario of why, why, why it didn’t

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astrological signs as trash
  • aries:a lightly used pad casually covered in toilet paper and the wrapping
  • taurus:a toothbrush with all the tonsils bent backwards
  • gemini:a negative pregnancy test next to a positive pregnancy test
  • cancer:empty floss can
  • leo:a pair or scissors that were rusted shut
  • libra:a dead body hidden inconspicuously in a dumpster
  • virgo:toilet paper roll with the end of the tp still on it
  • scorpio:tumblr dot com
  • sagittarius:a napkin covered in a questionable tomato(?) substance
  • capricorn:the shards and ashes of an old urn they knocked over
  • aquarius:tube sock with a hole in the heel
  • pisces:anime