Zodiac Signs as 1950’s Icons
  • Aries:Marlon Brando
  • Taurus:Audrey Hepburn
  • Gemini:Marilyn Monroe
  • Cancer:Natalie Wood
  • Leo:Lucille Ball
  • Virgo:Buddy Holly
  • Libra:Arthur Miller
  • Scorpio:Grace Kelly
  • Sagittarius:Frank Sinatra
  • Capricorn:Elvis Presley
  • Aquarius:James Dean
  • Pisces:Elizabeth Taylor
What it Would be Like to Live with Each Sign
  • Check moon sign too:
  • Aries:They would probably be the lazy one who gets in fights a lot, but they are really sweeties. They're very generous and will probably help with studying if they understand it
  • Taurus:A real room cleaner. They will probably be super slow though at getting around. May eat all the food in the fridge when they're bored.
  • Gemini:The loud mouthed one. They will probably be caught singing in their shower, their room, wherever! Their room is also very messy if they aren't told to clean it all the time. They also will probably be out of the house a lot.
  • Cancer:They take trips every break to see family. They will be quiet or really loud at times. They could scream at you or just smile politely when angry. Their moods will switch like crazy, so you never know what to expect.
  • Leo:Also another fighting sign, they would probably be more patient than the other signs. They don't like their anger, so when they are they get mad at themselves about it
  • Virgo:Probably the one who does all the chores. They want the house to be perfect and exactly the way they want it. May get mad if you don't do your chores (probably just snap at you then feel sorry later)
  • Libra:Male libras are scary. They are so stubborn. They yell a lot and are always in your hair. They aren't very helpful with chores. "I just worked all day! You can do it!" -my best friend and I with libra fathers
  • Scorpio:Scorpio moms are the best moms to have. They are so caring and guess what! They are just as stubborn as libra dads, they just don't want to fight and won't yell back. -my best friend and I with scorpio moms
  • Sagittarius:They will probably be constantly out of the house doing things and will never be there for the chores. They also will be singing a lot and will be up all night. They may wash the dishes after a meal tho. Also probably will get mad, but they aren't around enough.
  • Capricorn:Another clean roomed sign. They will probably carry all the load and will be studying for exams all the time (if in college) will probably stay out of your space most of the time.
  • Aquarius:Will usually be found helping around the house. They will be the one to pick you up when you have a hang over or care for you when you're sick, besides that they will stay out of your hair and maybe make a few jokes here or there when you have friends over
  • Pisces:Will probably be out of your way and will be overly emotional. They will tolerate whatever you do and will rarely put up a fight. They will be found drawing or singing quietly in their own space.
when a sign finds out youve been talking about them
  • Aries:fight me
  • Taurus:all the food i shared with you, fuck you bitch
  • Gemini:*acts like they dont care*
  • Cancer:cries a lot
  • Leo:youre just jealous of me, im flawless
  • Virgo:did i do something?!?!!??
  • Libra:*believes that you didnt say it*
  • Scorpio:*fucks ur boyfriend and ruins ur life*
  • Sagittarius:what can you do, oh well
  • Capricorn:*spreads rumours*
  • Aquarius:why would u do that tho
  • Pisces:turns into a human waterfall
Criminal Minds Characters as Zodiac Signs!

Jennifer Jareau: Cancer or Taurus

Spencer Reid: VIRGO AF

Derek Morgan: Aries or Leo

Penelope Garcia: Aquarius or Pisces

Aaron Hotchner: Capricorn

David Rossi: Leo or Virgo

Emily Prentiss: Hella Scorpio

The Signs as Things Sitting Around my Room!

This post was inspired by a post by astrology-goth (This one!)

Aries: My volleyball shoes and some old board games!

Taurus: My super soft bathrobe!

Gemini: My old Wii! :D

Cancer: Photos of me and my best friend on a bulletin board!

Leo: My guitar ❤️

Virgo: My pretty, blue bathrobe that doubles as a towel :)

Libra: A photo of some adorable lacy sandals I ordered online!

Scorpio: My single snake earring, with spikes on it!

Sagittarius: ME! And my big, poka-dotted sunglasses!

Capricorn: My camera’s tripod :)

Aquarius: An assorted jellybean dispenser full of colorful jellybeans!

Pisces: My ukulele with a little pink bow around the neck :)