ANOTHER COMMISSION. This one was for friend and collaborator Sigil, based on the fantastic Nightvale-themed fashion commission that TheVeryWorstThing did for her! I tried starting with a really weird color scheme for this one (purple + pink + murky bluish green), but I’m REALLY HAPPY with how it came out. Easily the best cool-lady-with-creepy-podcast-related art I’ve done to date.

Hit me up with a quote at ianjaycommissions at gmail if you want a piece like this!

A friend of mine and I were talking about the possibility of a non-furry Sigil, and this is what’s sprung up.

I think I might have to rename brownSig “Sigis” and keep pinkSig “Sigil” for this, as they’ll both exist at the same time for this idea…

Some experimental commissions from FA playing with some new style stuff. I’m really liking how these turn out, I just keep having to remind myself to NOT DRAW ALL OVER THEM that ruins it.