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Tell us about a time you broke someone's heart

I haven’t. I don’t know what it feels like to break someones heart because I’ve never had to do it before. I don’t think I would want to either. I know how it feels when someone breaks mine so I couldn’t ever imagine doing it to someone else. I’ve never even really had a boyfriend before, so, you know, all of these men who have never wanted to commit to me are the ones who broke me down by walking away. 

It’s sad when you’re use to people leaving, you know? People are always leaving so I’ve gotten better at letting them go rather then asking them to stay. I think once they’ve made up their minds then so have I because if someone doesn’t think I’m worth it then they aren’t either. 

I’m not scared of commitment. Everyone else is. 

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"Emma! Killian! Get in here NOW!"

Her sigh presses against his lips and she parts her lips to allow his tongue access, her back pressed firmly against the bed and her toes curling.

She could probably live here forever with him, in this moment of breathlessness and need and heat, but part of her is very much aware of the outside world.

“Emma! Killian! Get in here NOW!”

They both groan as they force apart and she works hard to make it look like she wasn’t just making out with Killian in their bedroom.

He holds open the door for her and they hurry out into the living room, where her mother is standing with wide eyes and an even wider smile.

“Liam just woke up and I think he’s going to start walking.”

Well, maybe there are some things that are better than the much-needed quiet moments shared alone with Killian.

Like the way his blue eyes light up as he kneels on the floor, his arms open, and his voice lilting excitedly, or the way he laughs, so deep and happy, when their son collides into her in his first attempt at taking a step.

There will be time for kisses later, but seeing him like this, it’s so worth it.

Day Care -ontae

“Mommy , let’s hurry !” giggled Taemin as he ran to the day care . 

“Taemin , don’t run “ his mother sighed ,adjusting his backpack that is on her arm “ you are going to get hurt “ she said worriedly .

Taemin kept giggling as he was enjoying that he is finally entering the day care .He saw a child hugging his mother leg , crying loudly in front of the door of the day care . 

“Taemin ! i told you to stop running like this “ his mother said as she stopped beside him , holding his hand by now . She looked at where he was looking .

“ He is crying” he mumbled still his eyes on him . 

“Maybe we can help ?” she asked smiling . 

He looked up at her brightly as he nodded quickly “ let’s go mommy” he started walking her to the door . 

“Ok ok slow down Taemin “ she sighed . Her son didn’t hear her however and continued walking her till they stopped in front of the small gate of the day care . 

There was a day care assistant helping the mother with her son, but he won’t let go of his mother  . 

“ Oh hi Mrs Lee “ said another day care assistant as she approached them with a smile . 

“Hello” said Taemin , waving his little hand “i’m Lee Taemin “ 

“Hello Lee Taemin “ she said smiling “i love your outfit !“

He beamed,looking up at his mother who smiled back at him “he chose it “ she said . 

“wow ! Are you excited for your first day ?” she asked bending down to be on his level . 

He nodded smiling brightly, but frowned right after as he peeked to see the child that was still crying . 

The assistant looked behind and then at him “ it’s his first day as well , he is little nervous “ she sighed and looked at his mother “ you can go now if you want “ she smiled politely “ i will take care of him , don’t worry “ 

She nodded and looked at Taemin “ be good ok ?” 

He nodded smiling and hugged her “ i will miss you “ 

She ruffled his hair “ make a lot of friends “ she said as she helped him wear his backpack . 

He looked at her and nodded “ i will , go go “ he said pushing her to the door . 

She chuckled “ ok , bye Tae” .

After his mother left , he looked at the assistant “ can i give him a lollipop ?” he asked shyly . 

“ Lee Jinki ?” she asked smiling . 

“ Lee Jinki” he repeated , slightly confused . 

She chuckled and held his hand , she walked to the child with his mother and the assistant . 

“Jinki , do you love lollipops ?” she asked trying to have his attention . 

The child ,Lee Jinki, stopped crying and turned to look at her , noticing Taemin beside her . 

She smiled “ Taemin has one “ she said as she looked at Taemin “ right Taemin ?” 

“Yes “ he said, putting the backpack in front of him and unzipped it , he started searching for the lollipop  , his tongue slightly sticking out with full concentration  . 

Lee Jinki was watching him as he slowly stepped back and wiped his tears waiting for the lollipop .

Taemin smiled brightly as he took out it “ here , do you like banana flavor  ?”

He nodded shyly “ go and take it Jinki “ said his mother softly as she placed her hand on his back . 

Upon hearing that ,Taemin walked closer and handed him the lollipop “ here “ he grinned “ now you can’t cry “ he said with a pout . 

He took it and nodded slowly .

“ Can i hold your hand?” asked Taemin smiling “ i’m your friend now right ?” 

Lee Jinki looked up at his mother again who chuckled and looked at Taemin “ Jinki would love it if you two become friends “

Jinki extended his hand for Taemin to take it without  responding  . 

Taemin grinned “ let’s go inside and play ! “ he started dragging him inside the day care . 

Jinki suddenly stopped in the middle making Taemin stop as well “ what’s wrong ?” he asked confused “are you hurt ?”

Jinki slwoly came closer and planted a kiss on his cheek , he took a step back mumbling a thank you . 

Taemin grinned and nodded “let’s go now “ 

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Future phan: Phandom members are still dragging on the "Don't cry, craft" meme. With every repetition, they turn to the other and sigh. A knowing sign between the too that says "What the fuck were we thinking five years ago???"

i wouldn’t be surprised if ppl r still making that joke in the future ‘cause srsly somewhere out there someone is probably still saying ‘PLACENTA XD’

talk to me about future phan

I’m thinking about dropping out of senior college, doing a short course in hair-dressing and getting an apprenticeship at a hair salon?

My mum will probably judge me hard. She’ll say “do what you want” but then look down on me…

idk senior college just isn’t working for me

College AU (pt.1)

AN: Ah, a small collab with neferkiki!! I can’t wait to see what she has! I hope you guys like it…

Pairings: SasuHina, NaruIno, KibaKaru


“You haven’t went to a single party yet. I’m sick of seeing you in here,” Karui applied eyeliner as her petite roommate watched her in the mirror. Hinata crossed her arms and sighed. Karui put a hand on her hips. “Aren’t you sick of being stuck in here? In the room all the time?”

“I… I go to class and work!”

Smokey eyelids lowered over golden orbs. “Seriously.”

Hinata huffed, her hoodie was swallowing her entire frame. “I am perfectly comfortable staying in the room. It’s so nice and-”

“Say goodbye to it for the night,” said Karui. “We’re taking you to a nice kickback. Nothing wild. An annoying…but cute frat invited me.”

“Frat! Frat like Fraternity boy.”

Karui smirked and shifted on her hip. “Yeah, what? Are you allergic?”

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So I assume both Bog and Sunny are helpless in the face of either fairy princess doing the big-pleading-eye thing. 

But the thing is, Sunny knows he is. Sunny’s known them long enough to know the eye thing. It doesn’t make him immune to it by any stretch but he groans and sighs and accuses them of not playing fair by pulling that card.

Bog on the other hand only vaguely understands that he is being lowkey manipulated when either of them does it. And then there’s one time when Dawn or Marianne (probably Dawn lets be honest) does it to Bog while Sunny’s around and after she’s happily got her way and flounces off Sunny is just like “You too, huh?” and Bog looks at him like ????


AVENGERS!AU HOGWARTS (click for larger size!)

“Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus
[never tickle a sleeping dragon]”

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