sieralonapprentice replied to your post:"I need a drink." Sier rubbed his eyes and sighed, heavily. "What I wouldn’t give to be allowed alcohol…"

Sier regarded the mead bottle longingly, but shook his head. “You don’t want to know,” he muttered. “It’s… just not a good idea for me to drink. At all.”

Tort studied the mer’s face for a moment, judging his potential reactions. Eventually, she slid the bottle back to its original position, and looked back at him.

"Why’s that?"

sieralonapprentice said:

A package containing half a dozen strange, small bottles arrived for Tort, with a letter attached: "Dere Tort Happy New Life! I sent to you som medisen they wil help you sleep or, at least they helped me for awile. Let us visit agen some time - Sieralon"

Tortulja was confused by the package arriving at her home, still she accepted the box and tipped the courier before taking the delivery inside.

Though she had no idea what exactly the bottles were filled with, she did fancy their design, and spent a good few minutes looking them over before she finally got around to reading the letter.

The handwriting was almost foreign to her now, so infrequently had she seen the script nowadays. A smile quickly spread across her face, and she glanced back at the bottles.

Something to help her sleep?
But what if it didn’t work?
What if it worked too well?
What if… what if she became dependent on it?

The last thought scared her, and she decided to place the bottles on various shelves in her house. Still, one bottle was set on the nightstand next to her bed.

Just in case.

anonymous said:

What if Sieralon captured someone you cared about? What if he was captured by Stormcloaks again?


"No one I care about would be of interest to the Thalmor," Tortulja replied firmly. "And if Sieralon was captured by Stormcloaks again, you can be damn sure that I would be there getting him out of their hands.”

sieralonapprentice said:

"I know you mean well but let me be." ((.u. If you don't mind, mebbe? Any character~))

Brielle threw her hands up in defeat. “Fine. Very well. Drink your mead or ale or… or whatever poison you’re drinking. Why should I care?” Once she finished huffing and scoffing at the Altmer’s words, Brielle reached out and stole the tankard of tea - it was obvious that the ‘mer wasn’t going to drink it.

“I would hate for this to go to waste, then,” she mumbled.

#32 [Induced Insomnia]

Tortulja has no problem falling asleep. She has no problem staying asleep.
But she does have a problem with her dreams.
She always tended to suffer from small bouts of nightmares, which would leave her drained and ill-rested when she woke up.

During her relationship with Silas, the clusters of nightmares returned, and just as she seemed to be getting over them — they returned in full force, complete with realistic gore, after Sier’s rescue, and again when she returned home from the Pit.

Rather than suffer through them and wake up feeling less-than-rested, Tort has started to force herself to stay awake until she is physically incapable of fighting the urge to sleep.

During these lapses into ‘sleep,’ she finds that she rarely ever dreams, and one can’t have nightmares if they don’t dream.

anonymous said:

How do you justify friendship with a member of the Thalmor like Sier?

"Sier isn’t like the other Thalmor," she snapped, glaring at the mage. "He’s been brainwashed and tortured and I… I don’t know how to help him." Tortulja paused, clenching her fists and inhaled, before letting out a shuddering breath.

"There is no need for me to justify my friendship with Sieralon. He is a good mer. Confused, misguided, and lost - but a good mer nonetheless."