Cool little ditty. 

moving along


To steer the conversation away from vajazzling and balls–hire us, creative directors!–I’m going to redirect your attention to two YouTube channels: kexpradio and SideshowAlleyTV. I’ve been into these channels pretty obsessively of late, and since we have like musical tastes, I thought I’d pass them along.

Listen to this song. Those harmonies (and that guitarist!) have been helping me transition back to reality. Three weeks off and I’m a planet out of orbit. Must keep at it. Must keep writing.

To that end, I’d like to open a dialogue on persistence. It needs to be said: I admire the athleticism you bring to your work. I want to pick your brain about it. Tell me a story from your volleyball days. My forward movement needs attack.

It doesn’t have to be here, of course. We can meet elsewhere, offline, over drinks. We should do that anyway. Until then, keep pushing.