things that makes me happy:

arctic monkeys

alex turner

matt helders

nick o’malley

jamie cook

arctic monkeys’ songs

alex’s laugh

arctic monkeys’ videos

nick’s smile

matt on the drums

jamie being jamie

arctic monkeys

cornerstone video

the view from… videos

alex dancing arabella

nick dancing poker face

matt talking on the the view from.. videos

jamie dancing while alex makes margaritas


I don’t know I just want to go back to work ughh. This job has seriously been the most fun I’ve ever had, and that’s saying a lot. I met the most amazing kids this summer and I was a real role model for them. My co-workers were and are some of the most hilarious, nicest people I’ve ever met. I did pointless things like tai-chi and badminton but I also did amazing things, like providing food to children who wouldn’t eat otherwise and helping out some people that just really needed an extra pair of hands. The past 7 weeks have been exhausting and frustrating but there wasn’t one day that I wanted to stay home. I went to bed every night excited to go to work the next morning. I did so much extra work just to stay and hang out with everyone. I just wish it didn’t go by so fast. I wish I could re-live this summer for the rest of my life. It’s been so amazing and I actually wish band camp didn’t exist because I love my job so much. Here’s to hoping senior year flies by so it can be next summer and I can do it all again.

My day; a summary:
I wake up, feeling less than great. I am tired. Not sure if it is physically or mentally yet.
I got to school, attempting to be somewhat normal for m friends.
My classes are dragging. I feel sick. Tired, sick, and distant.
New aeating arrangment in seminar. I try my best not to angrily out burst. My seminar tacher must have it out for me.
I go to garfield, working on papers and putting in grades. I feel sicm the closer it gets to the end of the day.
I walk home, the knot in my stomach subsiding for a moment.
I get home. Relax. Then chores
Choresan and chores. When i should be doing homework.
Now, at almost nine, stress gets to me yet again, and I wonder how many times i will cry this year
And now i feel all kinds of sick.

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Honored to receive a Volunteer Appreciation Award from the Schenectady Inner City Ministry @SICM_NY Lunch Program today! THANK YOU to all of our volunteers. (at Central Park in Schdy)