For the past week I’ve been moving to a new apartment, which meant my roomie and I had to paint and mend most of this 3 room apartment. I’ve got paint, sores and papercuts everywhere and everything is a mess. But it’s slowly becoming a home. It’s quite satisfying to do everything yourself and see the progress.

I am so tired and have had a few evenings with heavy heartbeats and feeling horrible, but hopefully I’ll get sickleave from everything soon and I’ll get the time I need to “eliminate” my angst. I am lucky though, I have some amazing people in my life.

Dearest Job of mine, i cant see my ass coming to work today. ๐Ÿ˜” I am coming back to see you on Monday. ๐Ÿ˜ท๐Ÿ˜ข #SickLeave

1 week nakong nagtatae at nagsusuka. 1 week ng sumasakit sikmura ko :(((( Gigising ako ng madaling araw para mag CR. pagkatapos kong kumain mag susuka ako. Nagpacheck up nako nung saturday. Nagpacheck up ulit ako kahapon. Gusto nako ipa admit ng doctor, pero ayoko kasi natatakot ako. Kahapon umuwi ako after lunch galing OJT kasi di ko na talaga kaya. Dinadala nako ni mama sa ospital para maconfinne. Umiiyak siya. Ninenerbyos. Ayoko ng ganung feeling :( Syempre di ako nagpadala kasi ayoko talaga. Tapos pagkagabi umuwi si papa ng lasing. Narinig ko siya, sabi nya wala naman daw akong sakit. Hindi naman daw ako mukhang may sakit. Nag aartehan lang daw ako. Wtf db? Sana alam nyo nararamdaman ko. Kayo ba nasa sitwasyon ko? Nararamdaman nyo ba yung nararamdaman ng katawan ko? 1 week nakong ganito. Umiiyak ako sa sobrang sakit. Tapos sasabihin nyong wala akong sakit? Magsasayang ba naman ako ng pera sa pag inom ng gamot? Grabe naman. Baliw ba ko para gawin yun? Ngayon sumusumpong na naman. Ang sakit sakit talaga. Ayoko pa confine. Anong gagawin ko :((((((


For the last two days I’ve managed to work two full days at work (08:00 to 18:00) plus OT leaving work after 19:00 whilst dying from the killer flu! But that’s not the point, there is a culture of sick leave in my company yet management do nothing about it, colleagues are always taking Sick Leave leaving the rest of us the burden of the extra work load. It’s sickening (excuse the pun).

I don’t know if my management notice but our foreman take turns to take sick leave and when some return, they not only have a sick note from the doctor but a haircut also, how convenient. Then that’s the other thing, we get medical benefits, so not only do they get a day off, a fresh haircut but also free ‘treatment’. What makes it even more convenient, they no longer need to call the boss to excuse their planned absence, all they need to do is whatsapp “Sick Leave today”, sorted!

If this is the kind of culture my company intends to allow, I find it hard for me to continue with them for too long. For me, unless I am hospitalised or suffering from a fever I will not take sick leave. Growing up and very much in the present, I see how my parents have never taken a sick day off work ever, therefore it’s hard for me to even contemplate faking a day off work.

Which is my point, my company harbours this behaviour it will only fester into a disease and spread and multiple (excuse the numerous puns!). In the end it is the company’s loss, but if they nip it in the bud and lead by example as my parents do then there is salvation.

Oh well maybe I’ll take a sick day off tomorrow…or absolutely not!