Aries: It’s almost like they’re not even sick they’re their usual angry and energetic self except now they’re even more angry


Gemini: Constantly in a state of delirium from cough syrup

Cancer: Wraps themselves in tons of blankets and always eating chicken noodle soup

Leo: Falls asleep everywhere and cries a lot

Virgo: They don’t get sick their immune system is A+

Libra: Won’t shut up about how they’re sick and gets too close to people

Scorpio: They don’t get sick because viruses are afraid of them

Sagittarius: You won’t even know they’re sick until they puke or they get you sick

Capricorn: Grumpy but refuses to admit they’re sick

Aquarius: Stumbles around like a zombie

Pisces: Probably faking sick but they’re pretty damn convincing


Tumblr, meet Madelynn Grace. 

She’s a fighter and she’s also going through a lot currently. She is 6 months old and still the size of most newborns. Madelynn Grace was born November 10, 2014 and came into the world a healthy alert baby girl with lots of dark hair and big blue eyes. 

Within a few weeks Maddie started to lose weight. She was turning blue and vomiting constantly. Madelynn was airlifted from the care of Mercy Hospital in Redding to UC Davis Children’s Hospital. 

The doctors tried first with an NG tube, but Maddie continued to lose weight. In February the doctors moved forward with an operation to help prevent her vomiting and also a g-tube to help her to start to gain weight. 

Though the doctors were still unable to diagnose Maddie’s condition, she traveled back and forth from hospital to home for the next few months. During that time she still has not gained weight and still wears her newborn clothes.

All of this medical care has been covered by insurance, but the trips to and from children’s hospitals, the extra supplies needed for her care, and her Daddy taking time off work and her Mommy being unable to work and provide around the clock care have really been tough on this family.

Please consider helping this family make ends meet while they are fighting for the life of their daughter.


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My Problem with ‘lads’.

Heeeeeeeeya playa,

So today I went shopping for a dress for the #fightback event, (I have bought new clothes every LD event. I never know what to wear. :S ) and I saw some ‘boys’.

Actually, they saw me. And they made it obvious. Usually, I am flattered at the attention because I do not get it often. But, I just felt uncomfortable.

I shouldn’t have to be subjected to whistles and ogling while I am trying to shop and it made me feel sick.

These little boys were typical ‘lads’. Chinos, no socks, that stupid haircut where it is shaved at the sides, fake tan and hats worn backwards. To me, that is not attractive. That makes you a knob.

What made it even worse was that, they wouldn’t leave me alone..

You guys may find that all attractive, okay. Cool. But, personally I prefer a ‘man’ not a ‘lad’ or a ‘little boy’. I find that ‘men’, tend to know when someone is not interested.

I prefer a shirt and tie, I prefer socks, I prefer a man who isn’t too worried about his eyebrows smudging, I prefer a proper man!

I don’t even know what I am writing or why I am writing this.. But, I guess it is because women shouldn’t have to feel like that. I was clearly not interested.

And now, I feel guilty. Why should I feel guilty? I feel like I should have said something, argued back and not just stood there and took it. 

I am fed up with ‘Lad’ culture and I really need a cuddle.

Just an update.

I’m 9w1d today and I still feel sick as a dog. I throw up at least twice (sometimes as many as eight) times a day. Almost every morning I wake up and up comes bile. It’s getting really hot here too which just makes me feel more nauseous. I’ve been to the ER three times because of dehydration, the first two times I went in they gave me a liter of fluid and the last time they gave me FOUR. Hopefully this will pass soon, I just keep imagining the cute little baby we’ll get when all of this is over with. I go for an ultrasound on Monday and I’m really excited for that!! That’s pretty much all that’s new around here. I hope all the pregnant ladies out there are feeling a hell of a lot better then I am right now!

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