Do this!

It’s free!

Send a daisy to a child at the Children’s Hospital cancer center of Philadelphia.

When you get to the “First/Last” name part… the kid doesn’t know who “John Doe/Jane Smith” is and won’t really matter to them.

Why not send as “Stark, Tony” or “Elsa, Princess”

Get it?

Today's review

1. Didn’t sleep well so o didn’t go to work.

2. Went to the doctor. Blood pressure 115/79, temp 98.1. In less than 2 minutes he diagnosed that I have bronchitis.

3. I got a shot. In my hip. It hurt after I left.

4. The doctor prescribed some antibiotics and some medicine that I was to take “as needed”.

5. The “as needed medicine costs 44.00 dollars. In my experience, I end up not taking the “as needed” medicines cause I usually don’t need them so I decided not to buy it.

6. While I was waiting at the pharmacy, I started feeling really terrible. So I went home without meds.

7. Signed up to manage appointments online. I wanted to do that just in case someone asks me at work what’s it like. Now I know.

8. Went to get the car oil changed. All the guys there were so nice! Then got my meds and stopped by Kroger.

9. I don’t understand why so many people have handicap stickers and park right in the front when they look better than me.

10..I need a lunch bag and I seem to have a problem finding one. Are they so popular? Hmmm.

11. I’m watching the news. Another tornado hit Oklahoma this afternoon.

UPDATE: So people don’t get defensive here, we all know that many people get the handicap stickers even when they don’t deserve them. I DID NOT MEAN ANY DISRESPECT to the ones who need it. No matter what, I will still wonder.