Anti-Zen: Quiet is for Wusses

Anti-Zen: Quiet is for Wusses

Doesn’t this look calm and peaceful?

So in my stupid and doomed attempts to do things properly I have never taken the time to try and do breathing exercises, or meditate because there are too many kids around, or I don’t have enough time, or I am hungry/sick/tired/horny and that will be distracting, or it just isn’t quite enough.

Guess what—my life will never be any of those things. There is no…

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I think my tweets sum up my feelings. I’ve just been on twitter and I went on this girls twitter, I used to got to school with her, and she’s friends with this girl who’s ridiculously sly towards me and and my relationship, and she posts nudes all over her private, and this girl I went to school with room the pictures, set them as her lock screen on her phone and screenshotted it and put them on twitter. I am literally disgusted. Not only has she posted bum pictures despite having no bum, she’s bent over so far (to try and give herself a bum) you can actually see her vagina. I don’t want to see your vagina all over twitter. Post nudes when you’re 18+ on tumblr, not when you’re 17 on twitter, makes you look easy, and like an attention seeking twat. I want to be sick.


You know how sometimes people find hope in the strangest things…Well , i had hope.This one person and the chance that i may have something nice in my life was my only hope.The only left after so many psychological storms.


Now i am thinking about everything left and it’s actually a pile of shit. I have no goals , no dreams, nothing to wait for …All that it’s left from me is this pile of shit.I am a burden for all of my friends so i just slowly disconnect from them. Yes i get mad sometimes because it seems like some of them don’t give a fuck about me but then again i am such a burden that probably they are all sick of me. I can survive by myself and honestly i am sick of saying sorry for the way i feel so yeah my ”friends” may go on with their lives happily ever after while i go on with mine.

I just want to  be alone for a while. 

got this fxking sick scar rock climbing but i finished a really hard route that these dudes in my group didnt think i could do BB)

The YouTube community is actually, unfortunately, ripe with sexual predators that abuse their power and exploit their fans. 

I’m sick of it and I don’t know that I’m going trust any of them anymore. It’s very sad that it has to come to that, but this seems to be a pattern of behavior with so many (primarily male) successful YT personalities, profiting off of misogyny and sexual exploitation of women and I’m just so grossed out. 

And it’s not as if this is a new thing with Sam Pepper’s butt-pinching video. He’s been harassing people for a buck for a very, very long time. No one decided to ostracize him until it got to the point where it couldn’t be ignored anymore but, honestly, it should’ve happened a lot sooner. 

This community is honestly kind of disgusting. I’m very disheartened and disturbed by what it’s turned into. 


 Postcards from David.  While traveling in Europe from 1984 to 1987, David Wojnarowicz wrote a series of postcards to his friend Peter Hujar.  What I like best about the postcards is they way they show David as a person living life.  He is often remembered only for the art he created while living with AIDS-and it is powerful and important that we do remember.  Still, the simplicity of taking time to sit and write a postcard to a sick friend across the ocean humanizes Wojnarowicz.

Homodesiribus has a fine post about Peter Hujar (including my favorite photos of Daniel Schook).  There’s a fine Wojnarowicz article & interview by Steven Dubin at Art Journal.

My opinion on abortion

I feel that if a woman chooses to have an abortion that is her buisness , nobody should choose what she can and can’t do with her own body, if that means “killing” HER unborn baby that’s something she will have to live with everyday ,not you.

I’m absolutely sick to death of coming across anti-abortion articles and massive billboards that are pasted across the city, with the same old ignorant messages on them.

It is impossible to have the complete low down on every case of abortion that has happened\is happeneing right now in the world ,therefore you do not know these women,you don’t know their reasons for their decisions; my point being ,you wouldn’t go up to a complete stranger in the street and tell them that the way they’re parenting their child is wrong and if you are then I think you’re just downright rude and nosey and the world doesn’t need people like you.

In most cases ,not all, abortion is a very private and emotional thing for a woman ,I say this because I know of a few women who use their abortion as a way to get attention and inflict pity but this is a small minority ,we have to look at the bigger picture, you can not categorize all abortion under one purpose;its shallowminded of you to do so.

I think that for a woman to even consider aborting her baby is one of the hardest but bravest things to do , I would hold the hand of any woman whos final resort is abortion because what they need at that moment is support and guidence not judgements on what they should do with their own bodies because its quite frankly nothing to with me anyway. Wind your necks in and get on with your own “mistake free” lives.

(this is my opinion you can agree ,disagree but I’m not up for an argument I just wanted to express my views ,thankyou)

Remember Tam-Tam!!!

She just posted this —
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