Unpublished Sick! Magazine cover

Cira 1963

India Ink  and water color on illustration board 

Between leaving Mad Magazine in 1956 and returning in 1965, Jack Davis worked at a variety of humor publications such as Trump, Humbug, Help!, Cracked, and Sick. While these magazines never achieved the success of Mad, some still had notable talent working for them. Sick! was edited by Captain America’s co-creator Joe Simon, and sported an Alfred E. Newmanesque magazine mascot named Huckleberry Fink. While Davis was bouncing between these humor magazines that never really took off, his commercial illustration career was taking off with movie posters and book cover jobs.

I picked up this original art from a Heritage Auction for ONE BUCK! Well, OK, there’s also a $15.00 fee and $10.00 for postage, BUT STILL. It’s from an unidentified issue of Sick Magazine. The artist is not attributed, but trust me - it’s Angelo Torres. I wanted to pick this up ‘cuz I liked the art, but also because I think it would be fun to do restoration work on it. I restored some other art I picked up a while back, and really enjoyed the process.

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